6 Types of Holiday Marketing Emails You Can Add to the Mix This Year

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When it comes to holiday emails, you have a world of possibilities. Sure, Black Friday, Cyber Monday, and Giving Tuesday are on everyone’s list but don’t limit yourself to just creating campaigns or sending out individual emails around those days. There are plenty of other emails you can (and should) send out to your customers that will get them hyped for the holiday season. 

Excited customers are exactly what we like. So, here are a few holiday emails you can send over the next few months to help beef up your current campaigns.

Announce the holidays

Every fall, Starbucks sends out an email proclaiming Pumpkin Spice Latte season has begun. Never mind, they usually send out that email in August!

They know that tons of their customers love a good PSL and get excited the season has arrived. They are priming customers to run to their local spot and order the first PSL of the season. 

Borrow the same idea from Starbucks. Send out an email letting your customers know that, as far as you’re concerned, the holiday has arrived.

Showcase a gift guide

During the holidays, a lot of your customers may be stumped about what to buy. Sure, they might have their spouse, siblings, or parents down, but what about a co-worker, a new relationship, or a kid’s teacher? 

Help your customers out and give them some ideas. A gift guide is an easy way to do it. Personalize these emails and gift guides with segmentation. Use live polling to see what your readers are interested in, and then share corresponding gift guides with customers based on what they clicked.

Highlight last minute deals

You may have many over-prepared customers who are ready to buy the second you send out your first holiday email. And then there are those who suddenly look at the calendar and realize they have a lot of shopping to do, fast.

This is another area where your brand can come in and save the day. Curate a selection of last-minute gifts and deals you can deliver (it might have to be online or via email) for your customers. 

With your help, they know they won’t show up to their holiday party empty-handed. 

Feature personalized product recommendations

We love to talk about personalization and adding as much as you can to your emails. It helps boost the customer experience and makes them build trust in your brand, something you want to nurture heading into the holiday season.

As part of your holiday emails, send out personalized product recommendations to your customers. Let them know the products you know they’ll love will be on sale and waiting for them this holiday season.

Surprise with bonuses

Surprise and delight, that’s something marketers are always trying to do, so don’t ignore the holiday season. There are a couple of ways you can approach bonuses this time of year. 

If you have a member loyalty program, think about rewarding VIPs with a special discount. Send out personalized loyalty emails that offer holiday events that feature double or triple-point rewards for purchases. 

Another area to consider adding bonuses is with gift card purchases. For example, tell customers if they buy a gift card over $50, they’ll get a $5 bonus added to their account to use later. Gift cards make a great last-minute gift, so don’t forget to include those in your last-minute gift guide email too!

Promote shipping dates

Shipping is a big deal every holiday season, but it could end up being full of headaches this year — for both you and your customers. So ensure you stay ahead of potential problems by encouraging your customers to keep on top of shipping dates this year. 

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Send out an email at the start of the season letting people know cut-offs dates. That can help reduce potential customer service issues, where is my order calls, and general confusion during an already busy time of year. Finally, make sure you’re shipping tracking is holiday-ready.

If you’re struggling to get your holiday email campaigns to stand out, we can help. Get in touch today, and we’ll show you how Zembula is uniquely suited to help your brand.

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