Statistics Show Customer Experience Matters More Than Ever (and What to do About it)

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It used to be some of the primary ways of winning customers to your brand were through your product or your pricing. So having ‘the best’ or ‘the cheapest’ product was a working strategy.

But today, taking that approach might not be the best way to engage with consumers. Now, it’s all about their overall customer experience. And in these cases, for many consumers, it doesn’t matter if your product is ‘the best’ or ‘the cheapest’ if they don’t enjoy interacting with you.

recent survey by Super Office asked respondents the top priority for their business over the next five years. Respondents provided three primary answers: product, pricing, and customer experience. 

Can you guess the winner?

superoffice cx survey

The customer experience (cx) matters more than ever, and there’s plenty of data to back it up. So here are some key stats on the growth of customer experience. 

Customer experience statistics 

You want data on customer experience? We’ve got it. 

Here are some key statistics you’ll want to focus on as you build more of your overall marketing strategy around customer experience.

First, it’s essential to realize just how critical customer experience is to consumers today. It’s a significant driver of their shopping behavior.

Recent studies show 80% of customers consider a brand’s customer experience to be just as important as the products and services they provide.

That matters for both you and your customer’s bottom line. Consumers will pay as much as 16% more for brands that offer premium customer service and experiences. On the flip side, 32% of consumers say they will walk away from a brand after a single bad customer experience. 

All those losses due to poor customer experiences add up to more than a trillion dollars in missed sales every year.

You can see that putting effort into improving your customer experience numbers can translate into a significant boost in revenue.

Personalization plays a major role in customer experience too. Another survey found that 49% of consumers have bought a product they didn’t intend to after getting a personalized recommendation from a brand.

Another key part of customer experience is customer service. Take one simple example, package tracking. 

When consumers don’t know where their package is, the first thing they do is call customer service. These calls makeup 50% of calls during the year and upwards of 70-80% during the holidays


When you provide updated package tracking as part of your email campaigns, you can reduce call backlogs and speed up customer service times. Approximately 55% of consumers say long hold and wait times are frustrating and an example of bad customer service.

Having your business set up so interactions via website, email, phone feel seamless is a huge driver of success. Giving your customers more access to personalized information while still ensuring their data is secure and protected can help move the dial.

How to boost your customer experience

You see just how important customer experience is to both consumers and your brand. So, the question is, what are you going to do about it?

We’ve got a few ideas.

  • Add More Personalization, Everywhere: Chances are, your emails can help improve your customer experience numbers. Add Smart Banners for personalized notifications and, with Smart Blocks, drag and drop customized content, like product recommendations, into every email you send.
  • Image personalization: Add personalized images such as gifs to your emails to attract your customer’s attention and improve their content experience.
  • Go Dynamic: With kinetic email, it’s easy to increase customer engagement and drive action. Use tools like live polling to gather the data to give your customers more personalized email experiences.

Zembula’s platform makes doing all of this easy. With a few snippets of code, you can drag and drop your way to offering personalized content that goes above and beyond. 

Delivering a better customer experience is possible. And, it’s something you’re going to need to focus on if you want to stand out from a crowded inbox.

Interested in learning more? Get in touch today. We’d love to chat more about how Zembula can help improve your customer experience. 

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