How Smart Banners™ Helped Thrive Causemetics Streamline Holiday Emails

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Thrive Causemetics is a luxury beauty brand. Beyond selling 100% cruelty-free, vegan products, Thrive Causemetics also deeply cares about supporting women-led causes, which is funded through their Bigger Than Beauty™️ campaign.

Since a portion of every product purchased goes to the campaign, boosting the bottom line means more than simply increasing revenue, it helps others. 

Making sure customers have a good experience and return to shop again becomes even more important during busy times like the holiday shopping season. Thrive Causemetics wanted to find a solution to help streamline their holiday marketing campaigns, so they turned to Smart Banners™ for help.

Here’s what happened.

The challenge: Provide up-to-date information for shipping cut-offs and sales notifications.

Black Friday and Cyber Monday are the biggest holiday shopping events of the year. For many brands, it represents a significant portion of their yearly sales. So getting it right matters.

Research from last year’s shopping events shows a few eye-raising stats:

  • Nearly 180 million people shopped over the BFCM weekend, beating expectations. 
  • Due to inventory and supply chain issues, the number of products sold was down 6% compared to 2020.
  • Brick and mortar foot traffic was up, but online shopping still dominated the period.
  • Approximately 42% of all Black Friday eCommerce revenue came from mobile devices, representing over $3.5 billion in sales.

So for any brand, it’s crucial to have a strategy that communicates your sale events and other essential information to your customers. 

That’s one area Thrive Causemetics wanted to focus on — finding a way to keep their customers up to date on critical information without needing to spend hours manually updating their data. 

The solution: Use personalized Smart Banners™ to communicate timely information

It’s increasingly difficult to stand out in your customer’s inbox. Attention gets pulled in a million directions, and there are always distractions. Unfortunately, that means your messaging visibility may suffer — your customers could miss out on critical information, resulting in a negative experience. 

In 2021, many retailers and eCommerce brands faced another unknown challenge, supply chain issues. That made keeping in touch with customers even more important, but it’s difficult to do at scale without manual processes and workflows. 

Working with Zembua, Thrive Causemetics used Smart Banners™ to implement a message pool with timely holiday information, including:

  • Black Friday
  • Cyber Monday
  • Shipping cut-off dates

Using Smart Banners™ helped ensure Thrive Causemetics customers always had the best information at their fingertips and a personalized, easy-to-navigate shopping process. 

The results: A streamlined workflow and a 7% boost in revenue during BFCM

The positive results for Thrive Causemetics were twofold. First, they used Zembula’s Campaign Decision Engine to automate their efforts, saving the team time and reducing the need for manual processes. 

And second, Thrive Causemetics saw a 7% increase in revenue during Black Friday/Cyber Monday events.

Zembula also integrates seamlessly with your existing marketing stack. Thrive Causemetics used Smart Banners™ with Klavyio to ensure customers got the right sales messages and critical shipping information.

Learn more about Smart Banners™

Do you want to streamline your holiday messaging and boost revenue? 

Smart Banners™ can help you automate while delivering personalization and improving message visibility. Check out our latest guide on Smart Banners™ and learn some tips on how you can start implementing them for better results. 

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