See it in action for yourself

More email action to your website
means more sales

You create a beautiful linked image or GIF in your email that directs to your site with our experience on top.

The viewer clicks the image and lands on your site. They interact with your Zembula experience.

Your offer is revealed and the viewer is taken to a final destination or the experience closes.

Use Zembula in these campaigns



Product Releases

Zembula’s winning combination of interactivity and marketing psychology gives you the power to send incredible emails and crush your traffic goals.

Engage and entertain

Get your audience to act by offering a unique in email experience that gets them to your site faster. Adding a Zembula experience in email increases CTR up to 12x.

Pique curiosity

Zembula is backed by powerful marketing psychology that is proven to work. Curiosity is baked into every experience and it packs a punch when it comes to getting your audience to click through.

“Working with the Zembula team has been a great experience. They have impeccable customer service, excellent availability, and are always ready to take on a challenge.”

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