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A better email capture

Capture up to 22x more emails on your site with interactive content.

Zembula's Interactive Content drives 3X the engagement. Give your promotions new life with a new type of content. Refresh your website and convert more visitors with almost no effort.
Give your visitors a special offer they can’t resist. Capture Email addresses & send them to your CRM. Give your visitors a chance to sign up for your exclusive list. They won’t want to miss out!

Drop the Zembula Slide-in on your blog or website in minutes!

No coding required.


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The easiest way to build new content that converts

Step 1


5 minutes – as long as you want

Design two images, your cover and reveal image, in your favorite design software.

Step 2


5 minutes

Upload your designed images and choose an interaction type from our library. Set your call to action (CTA) and email capture.

Voilá! Your experience is now live!

Step 3


Literally seconds

Connect your experience to your Slide-in, customize settings and deploy your experience on your page!



Watch your emails pour in.

Once your Slide-in is live, manage its content

Control your visitors’ experience, keep content fresh, and hold sweepstakes quickly and easily.


Keep them coming back for more! Use sequencing options to create a completely unique user experience for each visitor. Serve new content each time the same person lands on your page.

A/B Test: Test experiences against each other and get immediate feedback about your audience’s preferences.

Rotation: Set up rotating experiences to serve new content regularly and efficiently.

Sweepstakes: Use highly engaging content and let us do the heavy lifting for your sweepstakes.

Track success and optimize your content


 Our insights make you a better marketer


Track your goals like form fills, engagement time, and completion


Learn from past campaigns and A/B tests


Accelerate your success and become an expert in interactive content with Zembula Academy

After you’ve mastered the Slide-in, use your experiences in other ways


Zembula experiences improve click through rates by 4x. Just send your interactive content from Your Existing ESP (email service provider) and watch your numbers soar.


Get your offer front and center with an interactive overlay. Use as a landing destination from email or social campaigns.

Inline Embed

Add interactivity to your website, blog or mobile app with an embedded experience. Get creative with interactive design and entertain visitors like never before.

micro-sites example


Easily create bulletproof destination websites with Zembula’s templates that will wow your audience.

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