Capture Your Customer’s Attention with Live Polling

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Getting your customer’s attention might just be one of the most challenging parts of marketing today. The reality is you have seconds to make an impression, and if you fail, you could be sent to the archive box forever. 

So what can you do to stand out and grab your customer’s attention? 

One solution is creativity. Showing your customers something they haven’t seen before can help catch their eye. So that’s a good start. But you still need to go even further. Do that by creating emails with more personalized content that drives engagement. 

When you hit that special formula of creating engaging content that’s also personalized, it becomes so much easier to capture attention and drive action.

Here’s one way to do it: live polling.

What is live polling?

With Zembula polls, you can create really powerful and unique email experiences that your customers might not see anywhere else. 

Here’s how it works, your customer gets an email with a live poll in it. They click their response, and then they have the option of seeing the results via an overlay on your website or within the email itself. 

Live polling is really cool because it combines a kinetic email experience with polling. It encourages your readers to engage and interact with your email. And, because it’s dynamic, the content and results change to reflect what’s happing. 

The result pays off in ways that will help both your brand and your customer. 

Customer benefits

First, let’s look after benefits for your customer. The biggest one is it’s something different. You’re rarely seeing polling with live results in email right now. So, it’s got the interest factor. 

You can also create your polling, so it helps your customers get more personalized content later. That’s only going to benefit them in the long run as you create a customer profile around their likes and behaviors. 

Check out this example:

Here, you can see the Smart Block has a quick and easy poll presented via image personalization. The animation immediately catches the eye. Let’s face it; it’s kind of hard to resist clicking on this, right?

When your customers do, they’ll get more customized content based on the option they chose. So, you’re letting them know that you’re not sending the same old generic emails right off the bat. 

Here’s an example. Let’s say they pick hiking. You can immediately move this customer into your hiking list and start sending out personalized product recommendation emails for highly rated hiking-related items.

Marketer benefits

Now, let’s see how polling can help you and your brand. 

The big one is polling helps you collect all sorts of key customer data. If you included an email like the one above in a welcome series, for example, you’ve got an opportunity to start learning about what your customer’s like right away. 

That’s a huge edge over the competition. Even with the most basic pieces of data, you can start building out customer profiles, segment your lists, and send more personalized emails from the start. And, when you have more data, you can build out hyper-personalized emails. 

And if you want to get even more data, it’s easy. You can come up with polls on a variety of topics, all of which provide new ways to learn from your customers and, in turn, give them more relevant content.

Using dynamic email also helps improve engagement. You want your readers to click and take action with your emails. So having this type of engaging content front and center can get your customers in the habit of clicking right from the very start. 

You can win attention

The battle for customer attention isn’t going away any time soon. So you have to come up with creative and interesting solutions to stand out. 

Using live polling is just one way to do it. But we think combining it with personalized kinetic emails gives you a whole new world of opportunities moving forward. 

Are you ready to dig in and try?

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