Why Use Zembula Smart Banners™ For Your Abandoned Cart?


Increase Visibility And Views Of Important Content


Automatically Optimizes And Serves Up Your Best Performing Smart Banner™


Smart Banners™ Collapse To An Invisible 1×1 Pixel If There’s Nothing To Share

Easily Control Your Smart Banners™ From Our Platform

More Visibility = More Conversions

Easy To Use

  • One image dropped in all locations
  • Easily update the image anytime you want
  • Create a Zembula customer journey with specific offers for specific times and people

A Superior Customer Experience

  • Updates with every open
  • Becomes invisible if nothing is in the cart
  • Give the ultimate personalized experience with offers specific to where they are in the journey

In Addition Smart Banners™, You Can Also Add Abandoned Cart Smart Blocks™

Use the Zembula Campaign Decision Engine to organize and optimize your content.

  • Serve your best performing content automatically so you never miss a chance to convert
  • Group Smart Banners™ and Smart Blocks™ and display them based on a set of rules
  • Give special offers to people at specific times and create a customer journey

We Integrate Directly To Your Commerce Platform

Zembula’s Built To Support Important Scenarios Our Competition Can’t Handle

Zembula is Built To Support Important Scenarios Our Competition Can’t Handle

  • Display different image sizes and designs based on mobile vs. desktop or any criteria you might have.
  • Display different image sizes based on where the content block is located within the email template.
  • Completely change the block’s content without changing the email’s HTML Code and reduce testing time.
  • Make updates to live content without any down time. Just schedule the replacement to take over immediately or a specific date and time in the future.
  • Change anything and everything from our editor. We don’t use apps, so our templates are just starting points.
  • Use any mix of data sources within an image or any variant of that image. There is no limit to your creativity.

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