Additional Impressions: Pay as you go*

*Additional impression are charged monthly in arrears for actual impressions used.

Free General Support:

Get the right amount of support for your organization and circumstances. We provide free API integration support for all your major data sources. Beyond the free integration support, we also provide support through chat, email, and regularly scheduled account reviews. Your success is our priority!


If you need help with strategy, design and implementation we also offer these services as needed, on an hourly basis. Along with providing services ourselves we have a network of trusted partners who are experts in real-time email strategy, design, and execution.

Frequently Asked Questions


What is an open/impression?

An impression is counted when an email is opened, and the image is loaded. Each time the recipient opens the email, we send an image request to the server. When the image is returned and loaded into the email, that counts as an impression. If you’re using us on your website for an email capture an impression is when our content is visible to the website viewer.

Why do you charge based on impressions?

We charge based on impressions, because each time an image is requested it costs us money to process the image and deliver it.

What if I go over my 6 million included impressions?

You will be charged in arrears monthly to your credit card on file for the previous months impressions beyond the 6 million included impressions.

If I know I need more than 6 million impressions can I buy them up front?

Yes, we are always happy to set you up with a contract to cover your expected needs. If you don’t use all the impressions they will roll over to the following year.

What if I don’t need all 6 million impressions in a year?

This is currently what’s included in our core plan. We don’t offer smaller plans, and impressions from the initial 6 million don’t roll over the following year.

What if my overage isn’t exactly 1,000. What happens?

We round up to the nearest 1,000 impressions for billing purposes. At most this will be an extra $0.50.

Is there a monthly impression limit?

No, you can use all your impressions in 1 month or you can spread your usage throughout the 12 months. We only start charging you for additional impressions once you have used all 6 million impressions included in your plan.

Why is there a $3,000 minimum?

For now we have decided to work with companies willing to commit to an upfront annual payment of $3,000 or more. Focusing on costumers willing to pay annually upfront allows us to invest in delivering a consistently great customer experience.

Can I cancel?

We let customers cancel for any reason in the first 30 days with a full refund.

Do I really get access to all the features?

Yes! Every customer has access to all the great features we offer. We don’t limit features based on the plan you’re accessing. Everyone gets everything.