Individualized And Animated

Use your data to individualize each user’s experience. Our Smart Banner™ can contain any combination of data sources and animations to increase your email engagement.


Smart Banner™


Use Smart Banners™ For All Your Content Needs

Cart Abandonment


Loyalty Status


Sales Promotion


Loyalty + Promotion


Package Tracking


Order Replenishment


Take The Guesswork Out Of Displaying Content
With Zembula's Campaign Decision Engine

You can manage and organize all your Smart Banners™ in our platform and let our Campaign Decision Engine do the heavy lifting. This way, you can use your data to both segment and enrich your content.

Top Personalized Experiences

Cart Abandonment

Cart Abandonment Banner

Loyalty + Promotion


Loyalty Status

Loyalty Status Banner

Package Tracking


Order Replenishment

Order Replenishment Banner

Zembula’s Campaign Decision Engine

Decision Data

  • Behavioral
  • Loyalty
  • Transaction
  • Profile
  • Etc…
Generic Retail Loyalty Banner on Phone
Generic Retail Loyalty Banner on Phone

Smart Banner™

Animate Data In Your Smart Banners™

Using your data to create powerful animated content in Smart Banners™ is easy with Zembula. All you have to do is drag and drop. We have plenty of pre-animated templates available and are always adding more.


Animate Your CTAs To Drive Action

Optimize for your goals by adding animations to your CTAs.


Zembula Works With Your Existing Marketing Stack

We are experts in helping you use your data to create personalized content that will engage your audience and drive actions.

We work with all your existing technology and can use any of your data sources.

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Zembula’s Built To Support Important Scenarios Our Competition Can’t Handle

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