Services We Offer


We would love to help you come up with your very own email personalization strategy. We can help you brainstorm creative ways to use Zembula and the data you already have to reach your goals.


Zembula is able to easily integrate with any data source you have. If you need help setting this up, we’d be happy to assist.

Likewise, if you need help with getting Zembula to work with your ESP, we can help with that! We even have direct integrations in the works with many ESPs. Learn more about the Zembula button  here.


Our image editor is set up for your ease of use! You can drag and drop your way to live images all in our platform, but if you need some help or inspiration, our team of design experts is on hand to create a one of a kind interactive campaign for you.

If you already have a design you love, but don’t have the time to build it, we can do that for you!

We can create a custom package that’s right for your business.