Your Email Personalization Strategy Needs Smart Banners™. Here’s Why.

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Every brand needs an email personalization strategy. If you don’t have one, you’ll get left behind. And that means going beyond a Hey [Name], or personalized subject line. Your messaging needs to feel like 1:1 communication, not a blast email sent to the masses. 

Customers demand it. They want to see communications from companies specific to them, their interests, and their needs. And if they don’t? Data shows they are less likely to engage with your messaging or buy. That needs to be top of mind with every marketer today. 

The problem is personalization is often hard to do at scale, but Smart Banners™ make it easy — without spending hours playing with code or doing manual data entry. Instead, you can automate those time-consuming processes into something better, giving you more time to reach customers and improve their experiences. 

Here’s the good news, it’s easier to personalize than you think. We’ve helped companies just like yours drive better performance, higher clicks, and more revenue — all through personalization. 

How Smart Banners™ improve personalization

Today, you’ve got a ton of great data on your readers and customers. But are you using it to your best advantage? When you do, customers respond; they see personalized messaging and experiences that help boost customer satisfaction and make them more likely to buy.

Smart Banners™ allow you to get hyper-relevant in your messaging. You can pull all that good customer data, their interests, likes, what they’ve bought, clicked, abandoned, and browsed, and then create emails that deliver messaging, updates, and products that apply specifically to them. 

It’s hard to get that level of personalized messaging and experience without digging through the data, tagging, segmenting, and running endless A/B tests. Through Zembual’s AI-powered Campaign Decision Engine, your readers and customers always get the messages most relevant to their interests and needs, automatically.

Personalization in action 

All of that sounds good in theory. What about in action? Do brands see improvements in their customer experience and revenue when using Smart Banners™? 

You might be interested in some of our recent case studies with Thrive Causemetics and City Mattress. Both companies recently used Smart Banners™ with a few key goals in mind:

  • Improving customer experience through more personalized emails
  • Streamlining processes for the marketing team
  • Generating more clicks and revenue 

Personalized content helps, but going above and beyond with Smart Banners™ helped Thrive Causemetics see a 10%+ lift in revenue on promotional emails. And, during the competitive and busy Black Friday/Cyber Monday email rush, Thrive Causemetics saw a 7% boost in revenue

For City Mattress, Smart Banners™ helped add sophisticated personalization to their email mix. That’s driven higher engagement month over month, and emails with Smart Banners™ are their top-performing messages. Plus, City Mattress saw an improvement in customer experience and engagement.

screenshot of smart banners used by city mattress in email marketing

For a brand that sells products with a long buying cycle, staying top of mind and keeping customers engaged is a challenge. But with Smart Banners™, City Mattress was able to add personalized cart and browse abandonment, referrals, and seasonal sales banners into their campaigns. 

Smart Banners™ allow brands to get personal. You can feature recommended products, highlight ratings and reviews on items your customers have browsed or abandoned, and keep them updated on prices and inventory changes — all right from their inbox. 

Feel confident you’ll have a variety of messages that are always relevant to your customers and increase visibility. Since customers see their personalized banner regardless of what email you send, you’ll know you’re getting extra eyes on key promotions, messages, and updates.

Learn more about what Smart Banners™ can do for you

Are you interested in what else you can do with Smart Banners™? We hoped you’d ask!

Both Thrive Causemetics and City Mattress incorporated Smart Banners™ into their email personalization strategy to improve customer experience and boost revenue. That’s a win for everyone — brand and customer alike.

Get in touch if you want to see that kind of success, and use Smart Banners™ for your email marketing campaigns. We’ll set you up with a demo, and one of our experts can help highlight the power of Smart Banners™.

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