Zembula Was Built To Democratize High Performing, Personalized Marketing Content

Personalize Your Email From Top To Bottom With Smart Banners™ and Smart Blocks™

All you have to do is place the HTML in your email template once and then you can control the content from our platform.

Product Image

Loyalty points

Star Ratings

First Name

Product Recommendation

Smart Banners™

Use Smart Banners™ to easily layer personalization into every email you send. Our customers using Smart Banners™ see a 10-17% lift in revenue in every email send when they use them!

Smart Blocks™

Use Smart Blocks™ to personalize your email in a number of ways, such as including loyalty information and product recommendations. Create a true 1:1 email experience for every person.

Zembula's Campaign Decision Engine Picks the Right Use Case for Each Individual in Real-Time

Zembula lets you use your data to segment AND enrich your content. You can set up display rules so that each unique user gets the best content for them. You can also easily swap out content on the fly without having to update code.

Smart Banners™ Message Pool

Promotional Email

Browse Abandonment

Thrive_Abandoned Browse

Cart Abandonment

Thrive Abandoned cart

Loyalty Promotion

Shipment Tracking

Happy Birthday

Welcome Series

Campaign Decision Engine

Promotional Email

Psst! This is a real example of Smart Banners™ in use. See how Thrive Causemetics did it!

Automate Your Content Like a Pro With Our Campaign Dashboard

Schedule Campaign Screenshot

Streamline your marketing efforts with our campaign management dashboard. Swap and schedule out Smart Banners™ or Smart Blocks™ easily in one place. No need to go into your email template HTML ever again.

You can:

  • Schedule out content
  • Swap content
  • Test and optimize content

Connects With Any Data Source. Works With Any Deployment Tool.

We are experts in helping you use your data to create personalized content that will engage your audience and drive actions.

We work with all your existing technology and can use any of your data sources.

Marketing Stack Image

Drag and Drop Your Way to Personalized, Animated Content

We’ve thought about all the details, and we know what marketers need.

  • Drag and drop image creation
  • Snappy loading to save you time
  • Tons of live image templates to choose from
  • Animate our designs easily
  • Clone images in the platform

Visit our animation page to get all the details about our animation capabilities and see examples!

Animate and Personalize Your SMS Campaigns for the First Time Ever!

Bring your SMS to life with data and motion. Zembula is the only platform that allows you to create dynamic animations for SMS campaigns.


Add offers into triggered messaging to encourage repeat purchases!

Stack links for multiple calls to action and multiply chances of engagement.

A Bulletproof Experience Every Time

Zembula has invested in making sure your content works every time by building a powerful testing dashboard. Use our simulator to see exactly what your audience sees and make sure your data is populating the way you want to.

Platform Scenario

Take Top Performing, Personalized Content and Expand to All Your Channels

Zembula makes it easy to take your personalized, animated content and use it in every one of your channels. It’s as easy as placing the same pixel in multiple locations. You can use our content in email, SMS, apps, push notifications, SMS, and more!

Your Email Template



Push Notification

Push notifications


Smart Banner


Your Website
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Need Help Bringing Your Campaigns to Life?

We would love to take your campaign from start to finish. Our excellent customer success team can handle it all, from strategy to design, and finally to implementation. If you’d like to go at it alone, or just need less help, we can create a custom package for you, too.

Services we offer:

  • Strategy
  • Implementation
  • Design
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