Five Tips to Streamline and Optimize Your Holiday Email Workflows

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Ready or not, the holiday season is here. That means you must find ways to get your message out (without losing sleep and saving your sanity). For many brands, the holiday season is critical for business success — with more revenue generated in the last quarter than the rest of the year. 

Now, add increased personalization needs from customers and potential supply chain issues into the mix, and it’s more important than ever that your campaigns are optimized and ready to go. If not, you could miss out on conversions and revenue. 

We want to avoid that, so here are some tips on how you can embrace automation this holiday season. Here’s how to get you started. 

Get your campaigns holiday season ready

It may sound simple, but don’t rely on your year-round emails to work during the holiday season. So, optimize your triggered campaigns, such as your welcome campaign, for the holidays. 

Go through key campaigns and decide which should be optimized for the holidays. That includes changing the copy, adding new imagery, and potentially shortening some. 

A 5-6 series welcome campaign may be fine for the rest of the year. But getting that final email after the holiday season has passed (especially if it includes a coupon) is a wasted opportunity. 

Personalize all of your messages

Personalization is important, especially so during the holiday season. So make sure you personalize every message sent out to readers. Feel impossible? It doesn’t have to be with Smart Banners™.

Smart Banners™ let you add personalization to every email you send. And during the holiday season, Smart Banners™ help you personalize at scale.

coverting email to Smart Banners™

Turn promotion emails into banners that sit atop every email you send out.

Let customers know when an item in their cart or they’ve browsed is getting low on stock.

Show your customers you offer financing options, which may come in handy this holiday season.

Encourage in-person shopping at their nearest location. Or highlight special shopping hours during the holiday season.

Use user-generated ratings and reviews to highlight how much other customers love a product.

As you can see with Smart Banners™, it’s easy to add 1:1 levels of personalization and message variety to every email you send, all without having to tweak code, send endless A/B tests, or start and stop campaigns. 

Treat your most loyal customers like VIPs

There’s always an incentive to treat your best customers well, but you want to make sure of it during important times of the year. You can do plenty with automated Smart Banners™ to ensure they feel like they are getting special treatment from you this holiday season.

Show your loyalty program members how they can use their points to save on their favorite items. Or, give them the opportunity to shop ahead of time, special access to flash sales, and bonus points for buying during certain events. 

Keep shipping top of mind

During the holiday season, shipping is always top of mind for customers. They want to know where their packages are and when they can expect shipments to arrive. When they don’t get that information, they feel anxious and flood your customer service department with where is my order calls

Use Smart Banners™ to keep your customers up-to-date on their package tracking information this season. You may also want to follow the lead of Thrive Causemetics. During last year’s Black Friday Cyber Monday events, they used Smart Banners™ to keep customers aware of shipping cut-off dates

Don’t forget about transactional emails

Triggered transactional emails represent some of your best opportunities to generate more clicks during the holiday season. How? By adding personalization, of course. 

Customers already open transactional emails at a higher rate than others, so adding more chances for them to buy can help lift your revenue. The key is to include relevant, targeted messages. 

Here’s where your data helps. Include product recommendations based on their previous shopping data, items they’ve abandoned or previously browsed, reminders to restock items, and inventory updates. 

Want to see a difference this holiday season?

Consider giving Zembula’s Smart Banners™ a spin. We’d love to set you up with a demo and show you how Smart Banners™ can transform your email, help streamline and optimize your workflows, and improve conversion rates. 

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