Why Use Personalized Animations?

CTR Lift

Increase In Revenue

At Zembula we believe animation helps tell a story and, when used correctly, can have a huge impact on your bottom line. It can range from subtle, like a pulsing name, to urgent and bold, like a personalized countdown timer.

Animation isn’t just a novelty. It’s an important part of your marketing and makes your messages come to life.

Zembula Is The First Platform That Lets You Animate Your Data

Animate your personalized or data driven content to tell a story.
Use Zembula templates or create your own.

Here Are Some Ways To Get Started With Personalized Animations:

Animated First Names

Get attention right away with first name animations tailored to each recipient.

Personalized Countdown Timer

Leverage the power of countdown timers and personalization in one image!

Shipment Tracking

Draw attention to the latest tracking status with subtle animations. Tracking updates are live – updated at the moment of every open!

Reveal Personalized Deals

Use a name and unique deal within an animation to create 1:1 content.


Tell a story with loyalty points or membership tiers. Use animated graphs that draw attention and drive action.

Abandoned Cart

Draw more attention to abandoned carts by adding an animated abandoned cart notification to every email.

Our platform Makes It Easy To Add Personalized Animations To All Your Emails

Our content builder lets you drag and drop your way to personalized animations. Connect any data source and easily drop your content into your email template, then control that content from the platform.

Finally, Worry Free Email Content That Converts

Our animations are light weight gifs that load easily and work within most email clients. If your recipient’s email client will not support an animated gif, a conventional live image can be shown in its place.

Ready to get started?