Use Your Data To Create Individualized Email Content That Converts

Deliver the most relevant experience in every moment for every buyer with Zembula.

Use Zembula
To Create Personalized:

  • Static Images
  • Animations
  • Kinetic Elements

Smart Banner™

Smart Block™

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Use Zembula
To Create Personalized:

  • Static Images
  • Animations
  • Kinetic Elements

Personalize Using Any Data Source

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Optimize Your Customer Journey Automatically

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Improve Email Performance

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Drive New Revenue

Zembula Works For Any Content Need!

From abandoned cart reminders to loyalty updates, Zembula
makes it easy to create content for your email campaigns.

Abandoned Cart

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Flip Clock Loyalty


Shipment Tracking


Easily Connect Any Of Your Data Sources

Easily connect any data source, and use that data in any of your designs. We have plenty of pre-built integrations, plus we’re happy to build an integration just for you.

We have templated API Integrations with all the top data sources, and if there is one we don’t have yet we can easily add it for you. We normalize all the data so if you change providers in the future, it’s an easy switch with no broken experiences.

Designing With Data Is Easy And Intuitive

Designing with data
  • Design from templates or a blank canvas
  • Easily connect all your data sources, APIs, web scrape and more
  • Place a single snippet of code in any email template to control the content within that block

Deliver The Most Relevant Experience In Every Moment

Zembula’s Campaign Decision Engine gives you the power to deliver the most relevant experience to every user in every email automatically. Use your data to segment and enrich your content!

Top Personalized Experiences

Cart Abandonment

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Loyalty + Promotion

Smart Banner Loyalty star banner

Package Tracking

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Zembula’s Campaign Decision Engine

Decision Data

  • Behavioral
  • Loyalty
  • Transaction
  • Profile
  • Etc…

Smart Banner™

Use Your Data To Create Personalized Animations Or Kinetic Email Elements

Zembula makes it easy to create individualized, animated and kinetic email experiences for every user. Just drag and drop your content together and we’ll do the rest. No need to know any special code to get your emails to come to life!

Wheel Experience

Zembula’s Built To Support Important Scenarios Our Competition Can’t Handle

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