Updates with every email open


Easy to manage


Add more live blocks over time


Improve email performance


Drive new revenue

Start With Your Most Pressing Content Needs

Pick your most urgent content need and start there. After creating your first content block you will realize how much easier it is to build and deploy new content with Zembula over customizing any html in an email editor (less testing required too!).


Win more abandoned carts & provide the latest shipping information.


To save time creating and scheduling upcoming sales.


Inform users of their point status and how to redeem.


Reduce WISMO calls and deliver a better experience.

Designing With Data Is Easy & Intuitive

  • Design from templates or a blank canvas.
  • Easily connect all your data sources API, web scrape, etc.
  • Drop the z-snippet in the editor of any email service provider.

Save Time & Resources

Use all your data sources to drag and drop your way to personalized images. Zembula’s priced as a utility so you can use these live images in all your email campaigns.

Optimize Content Display With Zembula’s AI

Set display rules for groups of images and test them against each other. Zembula’s technology learns from your user’s behavior and displays the highest preforming content automatically.

Easily Connect Any Of Your Data Sources

We will help you connect any data source you’d like, and then you can use that data in any of your designs. We have plenty of pre-built integrations or we’re happy to build an integration just for you.

We have templated API integrations with all the top data sources and if there is one we don’t have yet we can easily add it for you. We normalize all the data so if you change providers in the future it’s an easy switch with no broken experiences.

Zembula is Built To Support Important Scenarios Our Competition Can’t Handle

  • Displaying different image sizes and designs based on mobile vs. desktop or any criteria you might have.
  • Displaying different image sizes based on where the content block is located within the email template.
  • Completely changing the block’s content without changing the Email’s HTML code and reducing testing time.
  • Making updates to live content without any down time. Just schedule the replacement to take over immediately or a specific date and time in the future.
  • We don’t use apps, so our templates are starting points and you can change anything and everything from our editor.
  • Use any mix of data sources within an image or any variant of that image. There is no limit to your creativity.

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