Our Countdown Timers Are Better And More Cost Effective

Animate on top of your countdown timer.

Add any data or personalization to the countdown timer.

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Detect Apple iOS 15 Privacy users and create fallbacks.

How To Make Your Countdown Timer Stand Out With Zembula

Personalize With A First Name

Make your recipient feel special by starting a 1:1 conversation.

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Reveal The Timer

Leverage FOMO and drive more engagment on your offer.

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Countdown Cart Availability

Get more people to take advantage of abandoned
carts by counting down time left to purchase!

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Use Weather Or Location To Personalize

Be more relevant with deep personalization
based on weather and location.

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Add Fun Animations On Top

Stand out from your competition with sophisticated animations.

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Detect Apple Privacy Users So You Never Send A Broken Timer

The roll out of Apple’s iOS 15 update has put a snag in email countdown timers. It will pre-open every email and your countdown timer will be frozen at that moment. Zembula has a solution for this! We can detect those using Apple iOS 15 and allow you to create a fallback for these people so you can rest assured your timer works.

Gmail, Yahoo, Outlook, Etc…

50% Of Audience Sees This

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iOS 15

50% Of Audience Sees This

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Want to learn more about our solution for countdown timers and iOS 15? Watch our Z-talk.

Add A Countdown Timer To Your Email In Multiple Ways!

  • Add a notification countdown timer
  • Add a countdown timer to the body of your email in combination with other information
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Add a notification countdown timer.

Add a countdown timer to the body of your email in combination with other information.

Rest Assured You Are Serving Relevant Content

Set up variants in the platform so your countdown timer is never out of date! Schedule any other type of content in your content block once the countdown is over.

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Countdown timer expires.

Display The Right Content In Every
Send Automatically

Set up rules and run experiments to improve ROI with our campaign decision engine.

Top Personalized Experiences

Countdown Timer

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Cart Abandonment

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Package Tracking

beard company package tracking

Zembula’s Campaign Decision Engine

Decision Data

  • Behavioral
  • Loyalty
  • Transaction
  • Profile
  • Etc…
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beard brand generic email phone mockup

Smart Banner™

Zembula’s Built To Support Important Scenarios Our Competition Can’t Handle

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