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Frequently Asked Questions

How do I use the countdown timer in my email?

First, pick a date and time, then select your font and colors. Once you are satisfied with your selections, fill out the rest of the form, including your email address. We’ll email you the html code to use in your email.

Why does it stop after a minute?

The point of the countdown timer is to drive action on your emails. Most people only spend about 11 seconds in any given email. So, one minute will give them more than enough time to click-out and get to the destination you select.

Can I have more than one countdown timer?

You may have as many countdown timers as you like! Limit one per email.

Can I make the countdown timer bigger?

We do not provide you with this option. If you manually alter the code to make the timer bigger, it may cause your timer to become blurry.

I work for an agency, can I use this for all my clients?

You must only use the timer with the company name you listed in the form above. To use a countdown timer for a new company, you need to create a new timer with the name of the company you wish to use it for. Agencies must sign up for each company they represent and want to use the timer for. For more info, please read our terms and conditions.

Can I remove the powered by Zembula?

No you many not remove “Powered by Zembula” or otherwise hide it. Doing so is a violation of our terms of service. You may only change or remove the following:

  1. Colors, so long as the “Powered by Zembula” is clearly visible
  2. Days, hours, minutes, and seconds text
  3. Colons between numbers

Can I countdown more than 99 days?

No. The countdown timer can only be used for 99 days out at a time and if we ever decide to remove the countdown timer we will do our best to make sure that any timers that have been created will still work for the trailing 99 days.

Why are you offering this for free?

To promote our product, and encourage brands to send better emails! Countdown timers work great with our experiences. Check it out!

Do I need to be a customer of Zembula to use this?


Can I pay to remove the “Powered by Zembula”?

We only offer that option to our customers. While the countdown timer is an awesome supplementary tool, we are certainly not a countdown timer company.

I love this, but I need to use a special font. Can you please add it?

Probably, so long as there are no licensing fees associated with the font. Just ask us!

Am I going to get a lot of spam email now that you know my email address?

No! We despise spam email. We will add you to our email list to let you know about what we do here at Zembula. Feel free to unsubscribe if you are not interested.

Terms of service

  • You may only use the same countdown timer for 99 days out at a time
  • You must follow CAN-SPAM rules in emails using the countdown timer
  • You will indemnify Zembula, Inc. when using this countdown timer and not hold Zembula, Inc. responsible for any loss or harm when using our products
  • You must keep “Powered by Zembula” visible at all times. You may not remove or alter the code except for the following:
    1. Colors, so long as the “Powered by Zembula” is clearly visible
    2. Days, hours, minutes, or seconds text
    3. Colons between numbers
  • You are limited to 10 million email opens per year in the emails that use the countdown timer. If you need more, please ask.
  • Agencies must sign up as the company they are representing. Each timer is only to be used with provided company name. You may not use one company name for many companies.
  • Additional terms and conditions and terms of use are specified in their respective documents.

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