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The Zembula platform makes it easy to build and customize interactive content for email, SMS, or social media campaigns. Track your campaigns from all angles, measure the results, and find the content that best engages your audience.

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Bring interactive experiences to every channel

Email is one of your most trusted, highly converting channels. Throw Zembula’s interactive content into the mix and add fuel to fire when it comes to your email engagement rates. Optimized for every device, you can send with confidence and rest assured that Zembula’s interactive content will increase your most important email KPIs in just one campaign.

Facebook is already experimenting with rich experiences such as live video streams and rich media ads in feed. They have seen the extraordinary benefit of using interactive content. You can too. Use Zembula in your social channels to get your brand in front of more people and get customers, not only interested but engaged. Save time and create a linked image post that leads to your interactive experience without leaving our platform. More time for you to count your likes and shares.

Sending Zembula’s interactive content via SMS takes advantage of both the inherent benefits associated with SMS marketing, like high open rates, and those associated with reveal marketing, like more engagement. You can achieve conversion rates beyond your expectations. Get more clicks on every campaign by mobilizing your marketing campaign by mobilizing your marketing efforts with reveal marketing plus interactive content.

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A use for every case

Abandoned Cart

Give cart-abandoners an incentive and fun experience to finish their purchase.


Make your receipts interactive and engaging so recipients will want to view them.


Use our interactive content to wrap up your own giveaways and your customers will thank you.

News & Updates

Share your news in a fun way that your audience can interact with.

Product Release

Give your most loyal fans a first look at new products.

Loyalty Program

Reactivate lapsed customers with a friends and family loyalty program.

News & Updates

Share your news in a fun way that your audience can interact with.


Leverage your partners and create compelling content that benefits you both.


Bring back your customers and reengage them with interactive content.

Sales Nurture

Develop a relationship with buyers at every stage of the sales funnel.

Lead Qualification

See who is qualified to buy your newest product by drilling down on interactions.

Welcome Series

Develop a relationship with buyers at every stage of the sales funnel.

Evolve Your Marketing Mix

Responsive design for a bulletproof experience from beginning to end.

Create an interactive content campaign in minutes.

Take advantage of the inherent benefits of reveal marketing and interactivity to ramp up your engagement levels.

Completely trackable campaigns and valuable data that makes you a better marketer.

Integrates with most major ESPs and Facebook. Works anywhere you can paste a link.

“The application itself takes virtually no time at all to execute. We continue to learn through our content development about what works and doesn’t work. We’re excited to expand our marketing toolbox and provide more engaging content moving forward.”


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