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The Zembula platform makes it easy to build and customize interactive content for email, SMS, or social media campaigns. Track your campaigns from all angles, measure the results, and find the content that best engages your audience.

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Stand out in the inbox

Integrating interactive content into your email marketing has many benefits:

Your subscribers will look forward to and love opening your emails.

Interactions lead to engaged users who create more revenue.

Your brand will be head and shoulders above the competition.

It’s about time you added some FUN to your marketing.


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Evolve Your Marketing Mix

Responsive design for a bulletproof experience from beginning to end.

Create an interactive content campaign in minutes.

Take advantage of the inherent benefits of reveal marketing and interactivity to ramp up your engagement levels.

Completely trackable campaigns and valuable data that makes you a better marketer.

Integrates with most major ESPs and Facebook. Works anywhere you can paste a link.

“The application itself takes virtually no time at all to execute. We continue to learn through our content development about what works and doesn’t work. We’re excited to expand our marketing toolbox and provide more engaging content moving forward.”


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