5 Ways to Feature Personalized Product Recommendations in Email

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By now, you know personalization matters. Consumers want it, and you can deliver.

Creating personalized email content, personalized images, and personalized offers are excellent ways to drive action and conversions. 

But there’s another way to tap into personalization to lead your customers through the sales funnel and buy. And that’s with personalizing the shopping experience. 

A key to that is using personalized product recommendations.

Personalization drives conversions

Did you know that about one-third of all Amazon’s customer’s purchases come from product recommendations? We’ll let you do the math on how much revenue that adds to each year.

When the goal is to get customers to buy, you want to do everything you can to raise your conversion rates. Product recommendations can give you a secret weapon that packs an outsized punch, driving more revenue from fewer visits. 

Here’s another stat to highlight that. A study by Salesforce found that product recommendations account for about 7% of site visits but nearly 30% of revenue.

Research shows that using personalized product recommendations can improve your numbers across the board, improving click-through and conversion rates as well as the average order value. 

Some compelling reasons to start including product recommendations in your emails, wouldn’t you say?

Here are some ways you can use them in your email marketing.

A few examples of personalized product recommendation emails in action

One of the easiest ways to start including more personalized recommendations in your emails is to tap into your customer data

Look at what they’ve bought and recommend related products. There are a few ways you can do this. 

Recommendations in transactional emails

One approach is to include the recommendations in your transactional emails. For example, when sending your receipt or package tracking email from your customer’s current order, add a few related product recommendations in the email. 

We all know transactional emails have higher open rates, so even a small conversion rate here can help boost your bottom line. 

Never pass up an opportunity to grab your customer’s attention and add more personalization to your emails!

Send dedicated product recommendation emails

Another approach is to send a dedicated product recommendation email.

You can see how key personalization is in the above email. You’ve got someone who has already bought; that’s a good start. Now, you can ask your customer to buy again by showing them only products that directly relate to what they’ve already bought. 

When your data shows your customer loves grilling, then the odds of them buying more grilling-specific products from you are pretty good. All you need to do is remind them!

Feature new product recommendations in emails

Another way to use customer data effectively is to send them emails featuring new versions of products they’ve already bought.

In this example, the email highlights a new flavor of coffee. For the customers who already love this coffee in other flavors, it’s a really easy way to encourage them to buy more. 

It often doesn’t take very much of a nudge to get customers already primed to buy to pull the trigger when given the opportunity. 

Include ratings and reviews on recommended products

Another key part of any product recommendation email is including ratings and reviews. This type of user-generated content from other customers is invaluable, so use them!

Customers really value the opinions of other people who’ve bought the products they’re interested in buying. So including lots of user-generated ratings and reviews in your product recommendation emails is a great way to attract attention and improve conversion rates.

Combine ratings and reviews with personalized product recommendations, and you’ve got a winning strategy.

Tie recommended products into sales

Many retailers and eCommerce brands use sales, including flash sales, to drive conversions and encourage readers to take action. Use image personalization those sale announcement emails in with product recommendations. 

A flash sale creates a sense of urgency with your customer. It might trigger some FOMO (fear of missing out) too. Those combine in a powerful way to help drive customers to take action.

Tap into that by making it really easy to buy by featuring personalized product recommendations in these emails.

When you check out these examples, it’s pretty easy to see lots of opportunities for adding more personalized product recommendations in your emails!

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