Ensure Your Package Tracking is Holiday Ready

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Does it still feel too early to be talking about the holidays? The reality is, more and more people are shopping earlier. Now, it’s not uncommon for consumers to start shopping for the holiday season before Halloween. 

That means you have to be prepared now. It’s not going to be too long before your holiday email campaigns are in full swing. And a vitally important part of your holiday campaigns centers around shipping. So, you don’t want to underestimate the importance of having your package delivery and tracking set well before the holiday season. 

Here’s how you can start preparing now, so you’re ready to go once it’s time to start shopping.

Think about your ship by dates

We talk a lot about the importance of customer experience. A big part of that is putting yourself in your customer’s shoes. The more focused you are on their needs, the better. 

What is one of the biggest headaches for consumers during the holiday season? Getting their package delivered on time. 

Think about it. Have you ever ordered something, feeling great it would arrive in plenty of time for Christmas morning, only to tell your family member that their present will actually come by New Year (you hope)?

You want to avoid that at all costs, so do the same for your customers. Use Smart Banners as a way to notify your readers about shipping information. Tell them if they want their package by x date they must order by y time. Smart Banners are perfect for this because they are dynamic, so it’s easy for your customers to get the most up-to-date information based on what they need. 

These notifications will help avoid confusion around when people should buy something and help your customers not get hit with huge shipping costs because they missed a deadline.

Let customers know where their packages are

As soon as a customer completes a transaction, their focus shifts to one thing, package tracking. They want to know where their stuff is and when it’s going to arrive. That can cause a lot of stress for both your customers and your customer service team, as they can get inundated with where is my order calls.

We can help. 

With our Smart Blocks, you can create a drag and drop email template that lets your customer know where their package is. All they need to do is open their email, and they’ll get the most recent tracking information. 

Smart Banners come in handy here too. Add these to the top of every email, and you’re giving your customer personalized image updates with tracking information. They won’t have to search for the specific package tracking email; they’ll have updates from any email you send.

Give your customer service team a break

One look at an email that gives you package tracking information, and your customer will stay informed about their package’s whereabouts and not need to pick up the phone and call your service team. 

During the holidays, your customer service team is dealing with a flood of extra calls and requests. So having that information ready for your customers helps reduce some of these potential questions matters. It can also decrease where is my order calls. That also allows your customer service team to spend their time helping solve bigger issues that might take more time. 

Plus, anything you can do to improve the customer experience during the holiday season is a win. When it’s busy and time is of the essence, not having customers on hold for long periods or waiting to hear back can make a big difference. Great customer experiences will cause shoppers to come back again and again. 

During the holiday season, when every transaction matters, building good relationships with customers now can pay off for next year.

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