Use Your Data the Way You Want To

Our technology puts the power of all your data from any source, in your hands. We do the hard work of normalizing for you, so all you have to do is drag and drop your way to highly engaging emails.

What Zembula Does Better

Zembula is the only platform that allows you to create images that update at the moment of open. This means your recipients see the most up to date information each and every time they open your email. Send-time personalization is so last year!

Streamline Your Automation

Zembula helps you save time with email automation. Use your top email templates over and over again with fresh content, without having to change the code. Just swap out your live images to give your email templates a totally new look. Stop wasting time testing out new email HTML every time.

We’re Here for You

Sit back and relax. Our live images work with every email client and you can create fallbacks for missing data for each campaign.

Want us to create your campaign? No problem. We have customizable service packages that fit any need.

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