5 Tips To Improve Email Personalization if You’re Struggling

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So, you’re having a difficult time with personalized outreach, and your business is sagging as a result.

Or maybe you just haven’t quite figured out how to cross over from bland, boring, impersonal emails to the kind of deep personalization that today’s consumers have come to expect.

Whichever the case, now is the time to up your game.

And while the thought of doing that — of becoming more relevant to your customers — may seem intimidating, we’re here to help dispel that myth.

If you’re struggling with email personalization, Zembula can help you make it not just easy but incredibly effective.

Here are some tips to get you out of your rut.

Remind Your Customers of Their Loyalty Status

Everyone loves chasing a reward or bonus or discount. That includes your customers. So, if you have a loyalty program (and you should), use that as an opportunity to engage your customers.

Don’t think of your customer’s loyalty points being their responsibility. Remember that your customer leads a busy life. They aren’t likely spending a lot of their time thinking about how many points they have with your company.

It’s up to you to remind them. You can do that with each email that you send to them.

One of the coolest ways to personalize your emails is to include loyalty points specific to that individual user. You can even make them kinetic — like a pulsing name and number — if you really want to stand out.

If you show your customer how close they are to their next benchmark, guess what they’re more likely to do? Try to earn more points! And that means more business for you.

Turn Abandoned Carts Into Personalization Opportunities

The dreaded abandoned cart. It’s the bane of a retailer’s existence.

But what if we told you that abandoned carts could become opportunities to grow your business?

As usual, it all comes down to personalization. If you handle it right, an abandoned cart gives you a great personalization opportunity. Address your customer by name, show them what items they may have forgotten about, and personally invite them to come back. Now, you’ve got a great shot at converting a sale and maybe even repeat business from that customer.


Ask Your Customers for Their Opinions

To provide the best service, you need to know what your customers want. And in asking, you’re getting a double win of not only finding out how you can improve but in reaching your customers on a very personal level.

Identify a topic that you know an individual customer cares about. Then ask them via email for their participation in a poll. But make the results live so that they can interactively see the tally.

It may sound complicated, but Zembula actually makes it quite simple. You’ll be able to create dynamic content that updates whenever your customer opens their email.

1:1 Animation

Stand apart from your competitors by creating great-looking, personalized animation for things like countdown timers or a pulsing name.


Personalized animation can add a 30% CTR lift and 109% increase in revenue. And with Zembula’s content builder, all you have to do is connect any data source and easily drop your content into your email template. From there, you can control the content from the platform.

Personalized Notes and Discounts

Showing your customers that you remember things like their birthday or anniversary can engender deep feelings of brand loyalty.

The key to your personalization success is in using data you’ve already collected and harnessing it so that it can become an asset. Zembula has brilliant solutions to make doing that easy.

Using Zembula, you’ll be able to send customers exclusive offers on their birthday, for example. You can show them that you’re celebrating them. And you can take it a step further by offering them something specific that your data has told you they are interested in buying.

It’s that kind of deep personalization that can really drive results.

How Zembula Can Help

Zembula brings cutting-edge personalization to the table, and it’s very simple for you to utilize.

Don’t just use your customer’s name. They’ve seen that in plenty of places. Instead, hit them with dynamic headers, body content and footers that update live as they open the email. They’re called Smart Banners™ and Smart Blocks™ and they’re unique to Zembula.

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