Creative Ways To Use Animation and Personalization

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6 Ideas to Make Your Emails Living, Breathing Messengers

So many promotional emails look so similar. At best, there’s an intriguing but static dominant art element. At worst, it’s yet another wall of text. Either way, your typical brand doesn’t exactly set the world on fire with their emails.

When you consider how many promotional emails the average consumer receives every single day, it’s easy to understand how same-ol’, same-ol’ gets deleted quickly.

But then there’s animation. That dynamic, far-under-utilized tool that can add actual life to an email. And better still, there’s personalized animation. We’re talking about taking that movement and making it relevant to a specific individual. And while it sounds difficult to pull off, you might be surprised to learn how easy it actually is.

You have the power to completely transform your email’s effectiveness. Instead of sending boring messages that look the same as everyone else’s, you can bring your emails to life with 1:1 animation. Use your data to create sophisticated, highly engaging, personalized animations, and start adding them to all of your emails. Remember: if your email doesn’t move, it’s dead.

Bring Your Emails to Life

Zembula is the first platform that lets you animate your data. Combining this tool with your creativity leads to endless possibilities.

For example:

  • Show movement: Tracking information is nice, but what if you showed an animated truck driving from your warehouse across a map to your customer’s city? You don’t think that would get their attention.
  • Countdown timers: Instead of just telling your customers about an upcoming sale or promotion envision the power of a dynamic, animated, live countdown timer that ticks down the days, hours, minutes, and seconds until your customer’s opportunity. Talk about building anticipation!
  • The big reveal: Don’t just announce a product, or sale, or special offer with a plain headline. Instead, use animation to create something unique where an image slides open or flips to reveal the special piece of news.
  • What’s in a name? Want to hyper-personalize your emails? Add a little bling to the name of the customer you’re addressing. You could include a pulsing name at the top of your email that’s sure to draw attention.

How It Works

Zembula’s content builder lets you drag and drop your way to personalized animations. Connect any data source and easily drop your content into your email template, then control that content from the platform. Zembula serves as the bridge between your data and your creative marketing.

The animations are lightweight gifs that load easily and work with almost all email platforms. And if you run into a system that will not support an animated gif, you can display a conventional live image in its place.

If you’re ready to bring your data to life and to deliver unique, deeply personalized content in a way that none of your competitors are doing, chat with us. Zembula has multiple types of images at different prices per impression.

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