How Your Customer Data Can Help You Communicate Better

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Some companies seem to know exactly what you want before you buy. It’s like they can anticipate your needs before you’ve even thought about making a purchase. These brands aren’t geniuses with a crystal ball predicting the future — they just have a lot of data and know how to use it to connect with customers. 

One of the best ways to understand your customers is through data. And the more you’re able to collect from your customers, the better you can serve their needs and deliver the personalized content they crave.

The key is using the tools you have at your disposal. When you’re actively gathering good data, you can use it to figure out what motivates your customers to take action. Let’s face it, that’s easier said than done. But understanding your customers will help you connect with them at a much higher level.  

Data can help you understand your customer better

Brands today are lucky to have a treasure trove of customer data right at their fingertips. By signing up for your email list and through purchases, surveys, and more, the information your customers provide can help you form a predictive profile of their wants and needs. 

That can help you estimate key numbers like your customer’s lifetime value, average spend, and how often they shop. Knowing that data can give you a huge advantage when creating email and SMS campaigns around the products you know they love, not to mention products you can recommend. 

When you start understanding what motivates them and drives engagement, you can create more content that gives them a better, more personalized customer experience. After all, that’s what your customers want too. With personalization high at the top of consumers’ wish lists, the brands that deliver will see more engagement and conversions. 

Rely on the data you collect, not third party sources

The data you collect directly from your customers is invaluable. And, research shows many customers are perfectly willing to provide more information about themselves in exchange for more personalized content. Since it’s more valuable and trustworthy than other forms of data, it’s also the best way to predict behavior, personalize content, and build brand loyalty.

So that’s a win-win for many brands. Start by looking at the methods you already have in place, such as email signups, abandoned cart information, and completed purchases. From there, look to go beyond the basics. For example, ask your customers for feedback or create dynamic emails, including live polling, to help readers engage.

Communicate through multiple channels

Omnichannel marketing is all the rage today. It’s one way to help improve your customer experience. But it’s also helpful in terms of data collection. More communication channels, including email and SMS marketing, allow you to learn more about your customers and their behavior.


From there, you can tailor campaigns to match specific customer profiles and send more personalized emails and texts. Plus, a tool like Zembula helps you do that at scale, making your marketing feel like every piece of content is individualized for the reader. 

All you have to do is add a snippet of code, allowing your data to get integrated into our drag and drop email templates. Zembula takes care of the rest. Plus, we offer omnichannel solutions that go beyond email, including embedded live images, push notifications, and triggered campaigns.

Small gains can translate into big wins

Studies estimate that a slight improvement in customer retention, as little as a 2-5% increase, could translate into a 25-75% profit boost. Keep those numbers in mind as you look at ways to improve your outreach. 

When you send personalized product recommendation emails, abandoned cart notifications, and loyalty updates, that feel like 1:1 content and not a mass generic message, it makes a difference to your customers. That helps you stand out from the competition, build loyalty, and improve conversions.

Looking at your customer data can help you understand your customers better, unearth opportunities, and guide your overall marketing strategy. The benefits speak for themselves.

Interested in learning more about how Zembula can help? Get in touch today. We’d love to chat.

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