Why Dynamic Emails Give You Even More Powers of Personalization

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Giving your customers the information and content they want via email is the new superpower. Consumers are willing to participate too. They’ll turn over their data to you, if, and that’s the key word there, you give them a personalized customer experience. 

If you don’t well, you’re probably only going to get one chance to impress. If you don’t, consumers are happy to move on to the next brand that will give them what they want.

When you start to deliver more personalized emails, you’re benefiting your customer by improving their experience with you, and you’re generating more revenue. 

Sounds like a win-win, right?

Now the question is, how can you capitalize on it? The answer is through dynamic email

Let’s explore how utilizing dynamic email can help you boost your personalization and give your customers a better experience than ever. 

Step away from generic mass emails

Sending one email that will hit the interests and needs of all your customers is pretty much an impossible task. As your list grows, so do all the little ways your customers are different from each other. 

Rather than creating one email and hoping for the best as you click send, turn to more dynamic content. When your emails are dynamic, specific parts of them can change based on who you target.

In addition, it makes your emails interactive. When customers open your email, what the email displays is based on their interests, behaviors, and other data you’ve collected. 


Now, it’s easy to transform every email you send into something personalized for your reader. 

Focus on engagement

Personalization helps boost engagement, which is just the sort of action you want your customers to take today, clicking on links and converting right from their email. 

With changes coming, such as Apple’s iOS 15 updates, your open rates aren’t going to be the best measurement of success anymore. In fact, it’s possible your open data could be pretty far off from what’s happening in real life. So, moving forward, that makes open rates a more unreliable KPI.

Instead, you want to continue to focus on engagement, getting your customers to click and take action within your email. Live polling right within your email is a great example. Plus, dynamic emails allow you to collect more data and use it to deliver even more personalized content down the road. 

Tap into the decision engine

Another big benefit of using dynamic emails is they can save you a ton of time. You don’t have to spend hours and hours going through all of your email list segments, breaking them down into more groups, and creating emails for every one of them. 

Instead, let Zembula’s AI powered decision engine do the hard work for you. With it, you don’t need to spend weeks A/B testing dozens of tiny tweaks trying to find the sentence or subject line or image that will lift your open and click-through rates. 

All that work is done for you. First, the decision engine will look at your customer data, including information from your customer profiles, behavior and past purchases, and loyalty data. Then, it will pick the best experience and deliver it in the email. You’ll get results with fewer tests and impressions. 

Dynamic emails aren’t going anywhere. As personalization continues to be a driving force for customer decision-making, it’s critical you find new ways to meet their needs.

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