Turn Abandoned Carts Into Personalization Opportunities

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You get a customer to your site. They shop around and seem to be finding what they like. They add a few items to their cart. And then…

Wait?! Where did they go? What happened?

The dreaded abandoned cart. The bane of an eCommerce retailer’s existence.

But while abandoned carts can be a bummer, they also present a chance to grow. 

Why? Because if you handle it right, an abandoned cart gives you a slam-dunk personalization opportunity. You may be able to turn an abandoned cart into sales that far exceed the one or two items the customer initially left behind.

The key, as it so often is with email marketing, is personalization. If you can address a customer by name, show them the items they’ve forgotten, and personally invite them to come back, you’ve got a great shot at converting a sale — and maybe repeat business.

Zembula Smart Banners™ to the Rescue

Zembula makes personalizing an abandoned cart campaign easy. By adding a Smart Banner™ to your email template, you can make it so when your customer opens an email from you, they see a personalized banner reminding them to complete their purchase.

You have total control over how often you want to include that kind of reminder as well as the placement. You can put personalized Smart Banners™ and Smart Blocks™ at the very top, middle, or bottom of every email. Wherever you decide it’s going to make the most impact. And you can include these banners with every email or less often if you’re worried about annoying the customer.

Even better, you can get creative with your personalized cart abandonment campaign. Maybe you want to incentivize a customer to complete their order. Using the data you’ve already collected, you could offer them a discount on an item you know they’d like. Or you could entice them by including ratings and reviews about the products they left in their cart.

A Smart Banner™ gives you an easy way to hyper-personalize your email with 1:1 animations made from your own data. You can save time by automatically displaying the right message to each individual using the Campaign Decision Engine. Your Smart Banner™ can contain any combination of data sources and animations to increase your email engagement.

That means you can include a message in every email you send to a customer reminding them of their abandoned cart items. And by personalizing that messaging — with the customer’s name and by showing them you understand their individual taste — your emails can be so much more effective.

thrive email with smart banner

And if their cart is empty, no problem. Smart Banners™ automatically collapse to an invisible pixel if there is nothing to show.

Don’t Be a Statistic

Studies show that about 70% of online shopping carts are abandoned. That’s a huge number! And most retailers are just content to let seven out of 10 possible sales go unrealized. Don’t be like that. Just imagine the opportunity for growth if you could cut into that 70%.

The good news is that studies also show that 45% of abandoned cart emails get opened. And that’s not even including personalized campaigns. That means that if you take the time and effort to do it right, you’ve got an incredible potential to see huge results.


Why walk away from 70% of your potential sales? Especially when Zembula makes it easy to flip that number in your favor.

Are you ready to close more sales and to show your customers that you understand them as individuals? Getting started with Zembula is easier than you think. Take a product tour to learn more.

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