How to Make Your Abandoned Cart Emails Last Longer

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Did you know that sending an abandoned cart email can earn your brand nearly $6 per recipient? It makes abandoned cart emails hard to ignore. 

Research shows that eCommerce brands can recover between 3% and 10% of their abandoned carts on average. Add those up, and if you have a big customer base, that’s a significant boost in your revenue. 

It means the importance of these emails to your business is increasingly paramount. You need to find new and creative ways to drive engagement on cart abandonment emails, win back more customers, and increase revenue. 

But, of course, it’s not always easy. It’s been hard to send timely, concise, and personally resonant emails — until now. Here are a few strategies you can use to keep your customers engaged.

Know the speed of your data

Today’s customers want personalized information, and they want it fast. And while it’s great to be able to set up trigged emails that send information quickly, you also need to make sure your data is up to speed with it. 

Here’s what you don’t want: a customer buying a product and the first email they get is an abandoned cart notification — before the confirmation email. It’s better to be correct than fast. So make sure any email you send has the best and most up-to-date data. A fast email with wrong data is nearly always going to the archive folder. 

Know your audience

Not every customer is the same. You know this. But not every product is the same either. So a big part of understanding the relationship between your customers and your products is knowing the time something might sit in a cart. It’s not the same for all products.

Browse Abandonment

Most marketers use a standard, 1 hour, 24 hours, 1 week abandoned cart email campaign series. But, that cadence isn’t always going to be the best for every product or customer. Sometimes, a very quick campaign is what’s needed; you can’t afford to wait a week for your final email. While with other products, you may want to extend notifications out much longer, pushing the first email out past 24 hours.

Make your messaging actionable

Abandoned cart emails are all about taking action. Marketers want their customers to do more than open; it’s about converting. So formatting your emails to make taking action the primary focus can help you convert more customers. 

What can you do? 

  • Reduce friction: Make it easy for your customers to click and convert. Don’t have them searching for your call to action button.
  • Personalize messaging: Customers love personalized content. That should extend to your abandoned cart messaging too.
  • Add user-generated content: Ratings and reviews are huge drivers of action; include product-relevant examples in your messages.

Create variety

A lot of marketers focus copywriting efforts on promotional and sales emails. It makes sense. After all, the goal of these emails is to convert. And often, that means abandoned cart messages end up looking pretty boring and generic. 

Thrive Causmetics and Smart Banners™ examples

If you want to capture that 3% to 10% revenue boost from converted abandoned carts (and go even higher), then you need to spice up your messaging. Focus on making your abandoned cart messaging more interesting. Add variety, so your customers don’t see the same thing all the time. It will help engage them and make them more likely to click.

Make Smart Banners™ part of your abandoned cart strategy

Implementing all of these strategies doesn’t need to be complex. In fact, Smart Banners™ make it really simple, sending your customers relevant personalized abandoned cart messaging without you needing to worry about A/B testing, constantly tweaking code, or grabbing new data.

trending now banner

All you need to start is to hook up your current data sources, add a snippet of code to the email templates, and Zembula takes care of the rest. Your customers will get abandoned cart notifications that engage them and drives action, boosting your conversion rate.

Want to learn more about how Zembula and Smart Banners™ can make a difference with your abandoned cart messaging? Get in touch. We’ll set you up with a demo to try it out.

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