How Smart Banners™ Can Boost Your Loyalty Campaigns

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Most marketers know that it’s easier to sell to an existing customer than convince a new one to buy, and it’s cheaper to retain a current customer than acquire a new one. That’s why brands invest in creating loyalty programs. 

And while loyalty programs can be a great source of revenue and build long-term trust with customers, it’s not something you can (or should) set and forget. You’d be surprised how many brands aren’t tapping into the power of their loyalty programs.

In many cases, you can do so much more with your loyalty program; there are a ton of opportunities to create more personalized content and messaging. Smart Banners™ can help make a difference. Loyalty program-specific banners help increase messages visibility, add more personalization to your emails, and make it easier to convert. 

Why loyalty programs matter to brands

In theory, a loyal customer will keep coming back to your brand and buying. So, their lifetime customer value is often much higher than someone not dedicated to your brand.

The stats play that theory out. 

  • “Customers engaged in a brand’s loyalty program will spend 12-18% more each year.” (source)
  • “Loyalty schemes can help increase revenues: 50% of consumers changed their buying behaviors to reach a higher tier.” (source)
  • “Highly-engaged customers buy 90 percent more often and spend 60 percent more per transaction.” (source)

It’s easy to see how critical loyalty program customers are to most brands, so it’s time to start doing more for them. 

Loyal customers are more likely to buy and will buy more. Plus, they’ll share their great experiences with their friends and family and post ratings and reviews. Highly engaged loyalty program members are a brand’s best friend.

So, you want to reward them, which means creating better emails that are more personalized to their needs and interests, all while highlighting where they stand in your loyalty program. 

Here’s how to do it with Smart Banners™.

Using Smart Banners™ in your loyalty program emails

Loyalty program emails offer many opportunities for member engagement if you do it right. However, not communicating or leaving your members to try and search all over your site for their information isn’t the way to go.

Put your personalization front and center with your loyalty members.

smart banner close

With Smart Banners™, you can add a pixelated banner to the top of every email. For example, when your readers are members of your loyalty program, Zembula’s Campaign Decision Engine will show them a personalized banner showing them their unique information.

There is a range of options you can display to your members. For example, this one is pretty simple. It gives members up-to-date information on their points. That’s because Zembula’s emails update at the moment-of-open, not the moment of send, so your members will always see their most recent information.


But, just because the banner is simple doesn’t mean it’s not catching attention. Add in some animation, and your Smart Banners™ will turn into gifs, updating with personal data.

Smart Banner Loyalty star banner

Now, what about adding even more to your Smart Banners™, including offering early access to sales and events or members’ only free shipping? That’s something nearly 50% of loyalty members expect as part of a program, by the way.


You can do it. You can also let your customers know when they’re about to hit a new tier in your program or when they’re able to cash in existing points and use them toward buying items. 

Messages like these help boost engagement and drive action. With a Smart Banner™, it’s easier than ever to click and convert. 

Make Smart Banners™ a key part of your loyalty program

What makes Smart Banners™ so fun is that you can do so many unique things that people aren’t seeing in their inboxes today. And, that’s not limited to your loyalty program. 

In an increasingly competitive world where attention is more challenging to get than ever, that makes you stand out. And it’s a serious competitive advantage. 

Want to learn more? Get in touch, and we’ll set up a demo for you to try and see for yourself.

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