5 Easy Ways To Use Performative Personalization

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For many marketers, there’s a roadblock between their current approach and one that includes the performative personalization that delivers results. The reason is the thought that effective personalization is difficult.

With Zembula, nothing could be further from the truth.

Not only can deep personalization make a massive difference in your company’s profitability, but implementing it isn’t nearly as difficult as you might fear. At Zembula, we help you take the data you’re already collecting and turn it into personalized content that gets results. We call it performative personalization. And adding it to your marketing stack is simple.

Let’s take a brief look at five easy ways to use performative personalization. This is only scratching the surface of all that’s possible, but hopefully, the below ideas for use will pique your curiosity and help you to envision how you could use these tools to help your business grow.

Boost Engagement With Dynamic Visuals

For a distinctive email or SMS experience, infuse dynamism into your messages. Don’t just populate your emails and texts with long paragraphs or monotonous, static visuals. Instead, use animation to make your messages pop.

No matter the subject — from rewards points to shipment tracking to flash sales — win more attention by making your messages move. Incorporating personalized animation can lead to a substantial rise in CTR and, in turn, a huge revenue boost. 

Using Zembula’s content-building tool, it’s as simple as linking your data sources and seamlessly integrating your content into your email or SMS layout.

Initiate Triggered Messages

In 2023, your email or SMS strategy has to incorporate automated messages dispatched in response to a customer’s action.

An email or text containing a link for package tracking, a notification of an abandoned shopping cart, or an acknowledgment note after purchase — all examples of automated or triggered communications.

However, you need to strive for highly personalized automated messages. Performative personalization is about sending messages that resonate with a particular customer at just the right time. Let your competitors stick with the mundane, generic messages.

Zembula lets you tailor your content using just a single snippet of code. You can consistently send individualized messages without it being overwhelming for you to manage.

Personalize Your Customer Loyalty Programs

You may already be offering perks such as rewards, discounts, and exclusive incentives to your loyal customers. However, providing the same benefits to everyone on your list may not yield the results you’re aiming to achieve.

Instead, we can help you leverage data like browsing and purchase history. Our tools make it a breeze to use data to formulate personalized offers for each of your loyal patrons. Rather than attempting to attract someone with an offer that might not appeal, instead send them something your data has confirmed they truly value.

Zembula’s campaign layer enables you to segment and enrich your content by better using the data you’re already collecting. You can set display rules to guarantee that each distinct user receives the most appropriate content.

Performative Personalization Transcends Just Using a Name

The landscape of email and SMS personalization has transformed significantly. Merely addressing your customer by their name once isn’t sufficient to garner their attention anymore.

Your job is to devise ways to set yourself apart. And Zembula can make that job simple. Our Smart Banners™ and Smart Blocks™ empower you to hyper-personalize your emails and texts with messages crafted from your own data.

Integrate a variety of data sources to boost personalized engagement that goes far beyond just using a customer’s name. In fact, you’re really only limited by what you can dream up.

Increase Your Post-Purchase Engagement

Once your customer finalizes a purchase or benefits from your product or service, keep the conversation going. Solicit their input through ratings or reviews. Dispatch informative content, such as guidelines related to a product they recently bought or directions to an FAQ page.

There are numerous ways to seize the chance to offer your customer added value, all the while continuing to nurture that individualized connection.

Stay Ahead of the Curve: Kickstart Your Performative Personalization Strategy Today

If your goal is substantial growth, performative personalization is your secret weapon. All you need to do is get started.

Begin including animation in your messages. Start sending personalized, triggered emails and texts. Personalize your loyalty campaigns. Try a name-everywhere approach. And start engaging with your customers even after they’ve completed their transactions.

If you’re ready to make a big splash, let’s have a conversation.

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