Tips for a Cohesive SMS and Email Marketing Strategy

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As a marketer, think of yourself as the conductor of the orchestra.

The violin section may sound beautiful on its own, but when you add in the violas and cellos, the music becomes more robust, more full.

The same is true for your organization’s outreach. Sure, it’s great if your company sends an email confirmation after a purchase. But it’d be that much better if that was followed up with a shipment tracking notification.

It’s your job to think in terms of your customer’s journey before, during, and after purchase. Tie each of those components together, and you’re going to come across to your customers as professional, service-minded, and trustworthy. That’s how you win repeat business.

There are no one-size-fits-all marketing strategies, but there are things you should be aware of to make your greatest impact.

Personalize Every Step of the Way

Personalized SMS and email help you build a relationship of trust with your customers. In turn, this can establish or reestablish loyalty. If you show your customers that you understand something about their situation and that you have solutions to make their lives easier, you’ll see results.

image showing an email and text message the compliment each other

Provide deals unique to their needs, wants, and even location. Furnish quick and easy-to-read graphic information about their account. Produce real-time updates to help them keep track of their online purchases. These are just a few of the many SMS and email personalization tactics you can use to grow your business.

And while it might seem like an overwhelming task, creating personalized texts and emails that deliver results is not all that difficult if you have the right tools.

How Zembula Can Help You Tie Multiple Components Together

We can help you create a cohesive SMS and email marketing strategy. It’s actually much simpler than you may realize.

That’s because the biggest key to making it all work is data you probably already have. Zembula’s proprietary solutions make it simple for you to harvest your data and use it in very meaningful and effective ways.

Let’s think in terms of a typical customer journey.

Say you have a customer who has been shopping around your site but hasn’t made a purchase. Your data can tell you through their browsing or past-purchase history what they are interested in. From there, you can send a personalized text or email offering them a limited-time discount on an item you know they want.

Now, let’s say they buy that item. Well, of course, you want to thank them for their business. But rather than do that the same, borning way as everybody else, Zembula gives you the power to stand out. Send them an animated thank you that includes a personalized offer for their next visit to your site.

And once the product is on its way to your customer, why not send an animated text message or email giving them shipping information and updates?

That’s just one simple scenario. There are numerous other opportunities for you to think in terms of a cohesive and personalized approach to your marketing. The key is to take your customer by the hand and personally lead them through each step of their journey.

How It All Works

Zembula’s content builder lets you drag and drop your way to personalized content, including animated texts and emails that will win attention. Connect any data source and easily drop your content into your SMS or email template, then control that content from the platform. Zembula serves as the bridge between your data and your creative marketing.

The animations are lightweight gifs that load easily and work with almost all platforms. And if you run into a system that will not support an animated gif, you can display a conventional live image in its place.

Are you ready to bring your data to life and to tie multiple components together to create a cohesive SMS and email marketing strategy? If so, we’d love to help you create the kind of deeply personalized content that delivers results. 

Chat with us to learn more about how we can help.

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