Name Personalization Isn’t Overdone — It’s Not Done Enough!

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We know that personalized emails see more engagement from customers. So much so that now they demand it. The more personalization you can do, the better. It’s the best way to build a relationship, drive trust, and increase revenue over the long term.

So where to start?

What about the old reliable: name personalization? Adding “Hey [Name]” was among the first ways marketers started personalizing emails

But why stop with just that? Why not use names more, not less, in your emails? It’s time to take name personalization up a notch; here’s why.

Grab attention with the name everywhere approach

We like to focus on the benefits of performative personalization. It goes beyond personalizing emails for just the sake of it and calling it a day. Instead, performative personalization uses data-driven insights based on customer behavior to individualize emails (and SMS) in a way that drives revenue-generating activities

But to do that, you need to grab your reader’s attention. You need a strategy that helps them build trust in your company so they’ll see and open your emails immediately. So what better way to do that than by using their name?

At this point, the “Hey [Name]” is so common in emails and subject lines, it doesn’t do much to move the needle. Most consumers expect it to sit there, so they gloss over it in the email. That means you aren’t using names enough.

One great place to start adding names is in a Smart Banner™. It’s a surefire way to grab attention right at the top of every email. And it’s especially great for mobile devices where real estate in the first scroll is so valuable.

But you can do more with names.

Instead, try a name everywhere approach. Here it is in action:

Look at the difference between these two emails. While both are personalized way more than your generic blast email, your eye starts moving to the name more with the email on the right. In addition, both the Smart Banner™ and Smart Blocks™ call attention to personalized messaging and insights by starting with a big, bold customer name on top. 

We’re trained to look for our names in emails and documents. We’re used to seeing at the start. But with the name everywhere approach, it disrupts the typical pattern. Now, our eyes move to our name, highlighting:

  • An item we browsed or left in our carts in the Smart Banner™
  • Our loyalty points balance (with a feature showing how we can use those points to pay for the item in the cart
  • Other products we’ll love based on our past shopping history

Suddenly, this email feels hyper-personalized to our interests and needs. Everywhere we see our name is a place to engage. 

This highlights the power of the name personalization approach. You can’t get this level of interest and engagement from using the name just once. 

Instead, go all-in on it. See where adding customer names to more places, especially places where you want them to take action, can improve your click-through and conversion rates. 

Personalize emails from top to bottom

If you’ve always wanted to personalize your emails at scale without the headache of manual processes and added workflows, you’re in luck. Zembula can make personalizing every email you send easy, boosting customer attention, engagement, and retention.

We’d love to chat if you really want to see how much you can do with email personalization. So set up a time to speak with one of our email marketing experts, and they’ll learn more about your business and how the Zembula platform can help you transform your emails. 

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