3 Examples of Performative Personalization — See What’s Working In Real Life

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Let’s be real: You’re in business to make money. So all of this talk about personalization is all well and good, but does it actually deliver tangible, real results?

That’s what we’re talking about today. Personalization for the sake of personalization is one thing. But personalization that increases revenue is an entirely different matter. So much so that we’ve come up with a specific name to describe the latter. We call it “performative personalization.”

If you want to see how actual companies have used Zembula’s performative personalization solutions to boost their bottom line, read on.

How Thrive Causemetics Realized a 10-17% Lift in Revenue

Thrive Causemetics is passionate about the causes important to them. They are a luxury beauty brand that creates vegan, 100% cruelty-free products. But they’re also a business that, of course, wants to maximize revenue. So, when they realized that personalization had the potential to transform how they were reaching customers, they turned to Zembula.

Zembula worked with Thrive Causemetics to develop a message pool of six different Smart Banners™ to use on emails addressing:

  • Browse abandonment
  • Cart abandonment
  • Loyalty promotion
  • Shipment tracking
  • Happy birthday messages
  • Welcome series.

For each email Thrive Causemetics sent, Zembula’s Campaign Decision Engine determined the correct Smart Banner™ for each individual customer.

The results? Thrive Causemetics saw a 10-17% lift in revenue in emails that featured their personalized banners. That’s an attention-getting boost to the bottom line.

“Zembula and their Smart Banners™ have been a huge asset to our email program,” said Karly Kurata, CRM Manager at Thrive Causemetics. “We are able to create more content in less time, provide a better personalization experience across the board and increase revenue when using them.”

Performative Personalization Delivers Results for City Mattress

Zembula engaged in a campaign similar to that with Thrive Causemetics, this time with City Mattress. We helped them come up with a message pool to address the various buying stages of their typical customers.

Using City Mattress’ own customer data, Zembula’s Campaign Decision Engine picked the correct Smart Banner™ to show to each individual. Rather than sending the same messages to everyone on their list, they now send hyper-specific emails targeted to where each customer is in their buying journey.

screenshot of smart banners used by city mattress in email marketing

And again, performative personalization knocked it out of the park.

“Adding Zembula to our marketing mix has been a huge success for our brand,” said Corey Schuchman, Director of Digital Marketing & E-Commerce for City Mattress. “We’ve been able to add sophisticated personalization to our emails with little extra effort. It has improved our customer experience and engagement. Month over month, we have seen emails with Zembula banners be our top-performing emails.”

How Makeup Cartel Created a Happy Birthday Campaign That Cut Through the Clutter

Makeup Cartel has a program where they offer a unique gift to each of their customers throughout the month of that customer’s birthday. Many brands do something similar. However, a lot of personalized birthday messages get lost in the shuffle. After all, a birthday is typically a busy day for anybody’s inbox.

So, what Makeup Cartel did was use Zembula’s Smart Banner™ technology to create an animated, attention-grabbing, engaging message that cut through the clutter and demanded attention.

They called out the customer by name, used an animated GIF to draw attention, offered them something specific, and included a personalized discount code. That’s how you elevate simple personalization into performative personalization, something that actually delivers measurable results.

Ready To Be Our Next Use Case?

None of the above examples required anything magical. For each, it was a simple case of using the data the company was already collecting and combining it with Zembula’s proprietary technology to create personalized campaigns that achieve far better results than what they were getting previously.

And guess what?

You can do the exact same thing. And getting started is simple.

If you’re ready to be our next example of performative personalization, let’s talk!

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