How Smart Banners™ Helped City Mattress Personalize Customer Experience and Boost Email Performance

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City Mattress is a family-run mattress retailer with over 20 stores across New York and Florida. They sell some of the finest mattress brands made in the U.S. and manufacture their ultra-high-end mattress brand, PranaSleep.

Being a family-run business over the last 50 years, City Mattress has succeeded by focusing on a few key areas to connect with customers, including innovation and personalization. 

City Mattress knows that even for retailers, having an email marketing strategy is crucial for success. So they teamed up with Zembula to find an easy way to incorporate more personalization into their emails and improve the customer experience.

Here’s what happened.

The challenge: Get more conversions through a better customer experience

Personalization helps drive a positive customer experience. Data shows that can translate into increased engagement, improving email performance, and boosting conversions.

And for retailers, using personalized emails helps brands stand out. A study from McKinsey on retailers and personalization found some eye-opening results:

  • Over 80% of adults want retailers to increase their personalization experiences. 
  • Positive customer experience results in 20% higher customer-satisfaction rates and a 10-15% boost in conversion rates.
  • Personalization at scale can deliver a 1-2% lift in total sales.

So, for retailers, adding personalization to the email experience can make a huge difference in how customers engage with your brand — resulting in more revenue.

This is what City Mattress wanted to do with their emails. The goal was to send personalized email messages to those readers most likely to convert. And they wanted a solution that would help them implement more personalization easily.

The solution: Add personalized Smart Banners™ to all non-sales emails

Mattresses typically have a longer buying lifecycle. The mean number of years to replace a mattress is nine years, and consumers usually start thinking about buying a year or two ahead. They may also spend months researching and testing various mattress options — it’s not often an impulse buy.

That presents a challenge for retailers. You need to stay top of mind for an extended period and find ways to still connect with customers. 

Zembula worked with City Mattress to come up with a message pool of Smart Banners™, including:

  • Browse abandonment
  • Cart abandonment
  • Referrals
  • Seasonal sale banners
screenshot of smart banners used by city mattress in email marketing

Once the data sources and parameters are set, Zembula’s Campaign Decision Engine picks the correct Smart Banner™ displaying it to the reader automatically. That makes it easy to update campaigns on the go without needing to do A/B testing, endlessly tweak code, or pause sends.

The results: The top-performing revenue campaigns included Smart Banners™

With Zembula in the mix, City Mattress saw an increase in engagement and an improvement in customer experience. Those are wins that translate to higher revenue.

quote from city mattress describing positive results of zembulas smart banners to their email campaigns

In addition to those benefits, Zembula is easy to use and seamlessly fits in with your existing marketing tools. Zembula integrated with City Mattress’s tech stack of Klavyio and Tinuiti to ensure every lead got the right personalized messaging delivered to their inbox.

Learn more about Smart Banners™

Do you want your brand to get the same results as City Mattress? 

Smart Banners™ can make all the difference. Learn the basics of Smart Banners™ and how you can start implementing them for your brand in our latest guide: The Email Marketer’s Guide to Smart Banners™.

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