How Makeup Cartel is Utilizing the Power of Zembula Smart Banners™

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Australian beauty brand and star Zembula client Makeup Cartel has recently launched a campaign of amazingly creative and effective Smart Banners™. 

First, let’s back things up – what is a Smart Banner™? 

A Smart Banner™ is a dynamic banner programmatically serving different content and use cases per-individual recipient as determined by the Campaign Decision Engine.

Use cases that are used in a Smart Banner™ can vary based on your goals, but we recommend starting with high revenue driving banners like abandoned cart and abandoned browse plus mixing in some other types of updates like loyalty and shipment tracking. 

Smart Banners™ give brands an extra 10-17% lift in revenue per email. 

Zembula’s specific approach to performative personalization and the crux of all our customers success rests on the Smart Banner™ and several cornerstone use cases. 

Makeup Cartel is a perfect example of how to execute this approach flawlessly. 

Makeup Cartel started with six banners including abandoned cart, loyalty points, browse abandonment, post purchase, shipment tracking, and birthday. Each of these contains some kind of data, whether that is general personalization, order information or something else. 

We also especially love Makeup Cartel’s banners because they are designed very well and feature fun animations that not only draw attention to the content, they act as an effective tool to increase conversions! Peep that rotating product review! 

If you want to learn more about how Makeup Cartel is crushing it with their Smart Banners™, check out our recent Z Talk

Overall, the Zembula Smart Banner™ is a powerful marketing tool that can help you accomplish so many different goals. It’s fully customizable and easy to implement, but the best part is all the extra revenue you will be raking in! Get a demo!

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