Three Examples of Name Personalization You Need To Try

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Personalization 101 starts with using your customer’s name.

And while that’s critically important in email, just as it is in making a connection in person, it’s just the start.

Performative personalization — the kind that actually delivers real, measurable results — means going a step further. It requires using a name in more creative ways that will really grab attention.

If good enough is good enough, simply use a first name and call it good.

But if you want more. If you want to stand out. If you want to start sending emails that drive transactions, you want to read on for three examples of name personalization you need to try.

Make That Name Move

Leverage your data to construct intricate animations for your email using Zembula’s innovative solutions. We make the process of integrating engaging, personalized animations into your campaigns simple, meaning you can easily bring your emails to life. Including animating the use of a customer name.

Animations help storytelling. They grab attention. They make your messages move.

Make that first name pulse, dance, or bounce. You don’t think a customer is going to be drawn to seeing their own name used in a way they’ve never seen before?

With our user-friendly content builder, you can simply drag and drop your way to creating personalized animations. You can connect any data source and effortlessly embed your content into your email template, maintaining control of that content from our platform.

Our animations are lightweight gifs that load quickly and are compatible with most email service providers.

Name and Location Combine To Make Hyper-Personalization

Fuel customer engagement and drive traffic to your stores or events with Zembula’s personalized, location-specific content capabilities. Enhance relevance using our Smart Banners™ and Smart Blocks™ to include customized recommendations, store locations, and local specials to your audience based on their IP or preferred location data.

And, of course, if you start that communication by inviting the customer by name, you’ve now created a hyper-personalized message.

Zembula empowers you to tailor SMS and emails to a user’s location through personalized content. Our platform gives you complete control over the data you’ve worked so hard to collect.

Use the Name Repeatedly

Using a customer name once at the top of your message is great, but is it enough to really win their attention? Why not sprinkle that name throughout the entire message, keeping your customer engaged and reminding them that they are important to you?

Here’s an example of a “name everywhere” approach:

The above example goes beyond the same-old, same-old name personalization strategies. Instead, this customer is continuously reminded, by name, that they have an opportunity to take action.

Best of all, because everything you’re showing them is based on their personal data, it’s all stuff that they are interested in seeing.

Automation Makes It Easy

If you’re interested in the idea of name personalization but are intimidated by the effort it might require, rest assured that the entire process is automated with Zembula. We make it simple for you to take your name personalization strategy to the next level.

Our platform facilitates a seamless integration of your data sources, enables you to establish your display parameters and requires only a simple snippet of code in your email template. After that, the magic happens in a matter of milliseconds.

Zembula’s AI-driven Campaign Decision Engine sifts through your customer data and rules and instantly determines and displays the most effective Smart Banners™ and Smart Blocks™.

When your customer opens their emails, they’re greeted — by name, of course! — with content uniquely tailored to them. Plus, there’s never a need to stop your campaigns, as our platform ensures that your emails are dynamically rendered at the moment of opening.

Want to learn more? Request a free demo!

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