How SMS Can Compliment Your Email Marketing Strategy

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It’s no secret that email is the best source of leads and return on investment for most companies. It’s easier to attract and convert customers when you have a solid email marketing strategy. 

And, when you use email as a tool for growth, you can play the long game, building a relationship with your customers based on trust. The dream, right?

So even though email should still be your primary channel to connect with leads and customers, it shouldn’t be the only one. It’s time to add SMS marketing into the mix. Together, email and SMS can help you build a way to communicate with potential customers that drives engagement.

Here’s how to use them in conjunction.

Build your lists

One big similarity between email and SMS marketing is hard to replicate with social media and ad content — customers choose to be on your lists. With social media and ads, you blast content out to them and hope maybe some people see them. With email and SMS marketing, you’ve got a dedicated group of people to talk to with your messaging.  

While that may mean you’re reaching a smaller segment of the population, it also translates into a base of people who are interested in your products and services. That’s a good thing, and you can use a combination of SMS and email to connect with them.

To get more people on your list, add a simple check box to your signup forms so people can subscribe to SMS messaging. Also, make sure you are tailoring your messages for each service, don’t just send a shorter version of your email to your text customers. 

Make your messages timely

Messaging timing and relevancy matter more to your customers today. And that’s not only around when you send your messages (both email and SMS) but why you send them too. 

One of the biggest benefits of using SMS messaging is how quickly you can connect with readers. Studies show most of them will open a text within minutes of getting it. That provides opportunities around timing that are hard to get via traditional email. 

Here’s where you can combine your SMS and email messaging to create more synergy. Send your emails about special events and sales, but also use your text messages to tap into those campaigns. For example, do you track location data and can see when it’s sunny? Use that to promote a sale. Let both your email and SMS readers know.

Add more personalization 

If you can deliver real-time personalized marketing to your customers, you’re a step ahead of the competition. Smart Banners™ make it easier than ever to do that with email, allowing you to personalize virtually every email you send. 

While it’s not as easy to personalize SMS messages, especially to the level of email, that doesn’t mean you want to ignore that side of it. You still can offer personalization to your readers, and in conjunction with their personalized emails, it could be a deciding factor for them to convert. 

sms loyalty example

Loyalty programs are a great place to start. Personalizing loyalty emails is easy with Smart Banners™. Use them to let loyalty members know when they can use their points to buy, access sales, or provide an update on their points. But don’t stop there. Do the same with your SMS campaigns. 

Starting to see how it works?

When it comes to your marketing strategy, it shouldn’t be all or nothing. The best brands use multiple channels to reach and connect with leads and potential customers. 

You need an edge if you want to stand out in an increasingly competitive market, and Zembula can help. Our platform gives you an omnichannel approach to connecting with and converting more customers. 

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