How to Combine Animation and Personalization in Your Smart Banners™ Strategy

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When you open your email, which brands catch your eye? Which messages from them are you more likely to open? 

Chances are, you ignore most brand emails, even in your own inbox. But when you choose to open and click, it’s probably because of a couple of key factors: you trust that brand, and the content they send is personalized and interesting. 

After all, with so many messages waiting for us throughout the day, who has time to open boring un-personalized emails? If you don’t, you can’t expect your customers and readers to either. 

So, that means you have to stand out. Smart Banners™ offer a way to personalize your emails and use animation to make them engaging. Here’s how to use them in action.

Make your emails more personalized and dynamic

Imagine sending emails with 1:1 levels of personalized animation. With Smart Banners™, it’s not a pipe dream. Instead, it’s something you can start incorporating into your email strategy today. 

Dynamic emails catch the eye and drive user engagement. They allow you to go beyond talking at your readers and customers. Using dynamic email helps you view your communications as a way to continuously build trust through engaging storytelling that brings your messages to life.  

And Smart Banners™ help you increase the personalization of every email you send. With these banners, you can send a steady stream of personalized content to every one of your customers and readers based on everything from their past purchases to their shopping behavior, location, last appointment, loyalty status, and more. 

We’ve found that brands that use personalized animations see a 30% lift in click-through rates and over a 100% increase in revenue. That shows you the power of dynamic email

Animated Smart Banners™ in action

What makes Smart Banners™ so special is they help you go beyond personalization. With dozens of options, you can increase the visibility and variety of the messages you send, removing the same old boring content and replacing it with something that your readers will love. 

Here are some of our favorite examples of animated Smart Banners™.

How about using a Smart Banner™ carousel to tell a story? Combining three banners around one topic, in this case, a membership subscription box, you can alert your customers to an upcoming charge and recommend new products too.

You can also use another series of carousel banners to encourage your members or readers to upgrade. It’s a great way to upsell products to current members that include a reminder and features related product reviews.

This banner uses a simple animation to push the eye toward financing options. Since you can pull in abandoned browse and cart data, it’s a personalized way to let customers know a different option to complete their purchase.

Don’t forget to incorporate Smart Banners™ into your welcome series — it’s the perfect way to start learning more about your readers to reward them with more personalized messaging later.

You can also use Smart Banners™ for triggered emails. Personalized animated shipment updates like this one make it easy for your customer to see exactly where their package is in the process.

Embrace the power of personalized, dynamic messaging

Smart Banners™ can help you get there. Using the Zembula platform, you can drag and drop your way to emails that are always personalized, interesting, and engaging. 

Zembula Platform Ratings and Reviews

It’s simple to get started. Use our templates, or create your own, connect your data sources, add a snippet of code, and you’re ready to get started. From there, you can easily drag and drop animated content right into your message templates. 

And if you’re worried that animations may break, we’ve taken care of that too. The animated pixels are lightweight and work with most email service providers. If they don’t, your reader gets shown a live image instead of an animated gif. 

Ready to learn more about Zembula’s Smart Banners™? We’d love to have one of our experts show you how the platform works. Click here to get in touch, and we’ll set you up with a demo. 

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