How to Use Personalized Smart Banners™ for Package Tracking

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Have you ever ordered something online and then…crickets? Eventually, you realize that you have absolutely no idea where the package is and when it’s supposed to arrive. 

So you go to your inbox to try to find the order confirmation email, but it’s lost in cyberspace. Now, you’ve got two options: wait around and hope your package may show up at some point or call the company, and hope you can speak to someone with customer support. Neither option is very attractive.

Sound frustratingly familiar? You can help your customers avoid the same issue by using personalized Smart Banners™. Here’s how to do it.

What you need to know about Smart Banners™

A Smart Banner™ sits at the top of your emails and uses data to individualize information to each reader. These banners offer a way to hyper-personalize your emails and can feature animations, names, and calls to action. 

Here’s an example of a Smart Banner™:

beard company package tracking

What’s cool about Smart Banners™ is they can give you additional levels of personalization while saving you time. Our AI-powered Dynamic Decision Engine does the heavy lifting for you. You connect your customer data sources, and the Decision Engine automatically determines the best Smart Banner™ for your customer.

How Smart Banners™ work for package tracking

So, once a customer buys from you, what happens? In the past, you’d send out a few transactional emails; a receipt, an order confirmation, and then an email that lets customers know how to access their tracking information. 

With Smart Banners™, all information can be automatically included in every email you send — not just the transactional emails. So, for example, you can add a Smart Banner™ to your monthly newsletter, a marketing email, or a new product release. The Dynamic Decision Engine knows to keep sending this info to your customer until the package is delivered.

Package Tracking block

And, since Zembula’s emails update at the moment-of-open, not the moment-of-send, you can feel comfortable your customers are getting the most up-to-date information possible. That helps ensure that your customer always knows exactly where their package is, without needing to spend time looking up information, hunting down tracking numbers, or going to various sites. 

Pretty cool, right?

Save on WISMO calls

So letting your customers see where their packages are just by opening their email is one big benefit of using a package tracking Smart Banner™. But there’s another big one — it can save your customer support team a lot of time and energy. 

Remember, when you can’t figure out where your package is, where do you turn to? The company’s help desk. Suddenly a customer support team starts getting inundated with where is my order (WISMO) calls

That means a brand’s customer support team may be spending a lot of time tracking down package confirmation numbers. And during busy times like the holiday season, those calls can increase dramatically as there’s pressure to make sure everything is delivered on time. 


So your customer support team is spending a lot of time on WISMO calls, which means there may be a backlog of other customer issues or problems that need some time to be fixed moved to the back burner. Smart Banners™ can help reduce your WISMO calls, leaving your customer support team to focus on those more pressing issues.

Improve customer experience

If you want to retain your customers and keep them coming back for more, you need to consider the type of customer experience you’re offering seriously. 

Today, a poor customer experience, and that runs the gamut from the very first interaction to after a purchase is made, can make or break your brand. Even if the customer likes your products or services, if they have a negative experience, they are more likely to leave and try another brand. 

That’s why adding more personalization to your emails, especially in the form of Smart Banners™, can make a huge difference. Your customers will love getting personalized information, and the fact that you’re making package tracking easier for them will go a long way toward building customer loyalty. 

Interested in learning more about how package tracking Smart Banners™ work? Get in touch and schedule a demo today.

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