AI optimization makes sending the right email easier than ever

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With email marketing, improving results can translate into big wins. Even if you’re boosting your open or click-through rates by as little as 1%, the impact matters over time. Those improvements can help you see more conversions and revenue.

Seeing those numbers go up, and keeping them from falling, is one big reason why so many brands focus on optimizing emails. Finding a way to account for clicks, opens, and performance within the context of goals can be complicated and time-consuming.

However, with AI optimization on the Zembula platform, there’s a better way. Here’s how you can start using it and see results.

Speed up your testing

When it comes to testing emails, A/B testing is one of the most common paths. And while it works, it’s not exactly the most time-efficient way to figure out what emails connect with your customers. 

With A/B testing, you have to slow down your process and measure each variable. Even then, if you don’t get a big enough count, it’s hard even to tell if it worked in the first place. That’s crucial time you’re spending testing when you could be selling or otherwise engaging with your customers. 

Zembula uses AI optimization to deliver a better ROI in less time. How? We’re glad you asked. 

ai optimization

One of the biggest advantages is you can test multiple variables all at once. That’s inherently very difficult to do with A/B testing, which makes determining the winning results that much harder. With multiple variant testing, you don’t have to go through the painfully slow process of testing each variable one by one. 

If you haven’t done much A/B testing because you don’t have the traffic numbers, AI optimization can help there too. You don’t need to hit high impression counts to get results. For brands with smaller and growing email lists, that can be a huge competitive advantage. 

Plus, it’s easy. Who doesn’t like that! With so many tests and data and statistics, the numbers can feel a bit overwhelming sometimes, especially if you’re trying to find the signal in the noise. Finding a solution that’s easier and delivers better results is a no-brainer, right?

Optimize in real-time

The Zembula AI is based on machine learning. You don’t need to wait until the tests are run to see what the results are. Instead, you can optimize all of your emails in real-time. As the test is run, the AI’s algorithm determines the winner and starts moving traffic to it right away. 

The key is moment-of-open emails. 

Instead of setting up your template with your tests, sending it off, and seeing what happens, the content is picked and displayed when your customer opens their email. 

You can run your tests in real-time and see what happens. The AI then learns how your customers respond to your emails and make adjustments from there. When your customer opens their email, they’ll see the result that matters most to them. It’s a much more personalized way to approach your emails. 

How does AI optimization work?

Let’s say you wanted to start adding real-time notifications to your emails. You can use these to update your customers on any important news, abandoned carts, loyalty point updates, shipping notifications, and more. 

All you need to do to get started is add a little snippet of code to your email notification templates. Then, schedule your emails to send in your ESP. Zembula’s AI takes care of the rest.

It will figure out which is the best notification for each reader and display it. The result is your reader gets an email personalized to them in real-time, ready and waiting for them the moment they open their email. 

You don’t have to worry about your customers seeing losing variants or information that doesn’t matter to them. What they get is what they want to see. And what you get is reliable results you can continue to build on in the future. 

Interested in learning more about Zembula’s AI and how it can help optimize your emails? Get in touch today. We’ll be happy to walk you through the process so you can learn how it works.

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