If You’re Not Personalizing, They’re Not Clicking: How Email Personalization Can Save Your Business

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By now, you’ve surely heard the term “email personalization.” Maybe you even think you have a pretty good idea of what it means.

But do you really know all that personalization encompasses? More importantly, do you have a handle on what proper personalization can do for your retail business?

‘Cause, if you don’t, the world is about to pass you by.

Email personalization isn’t all that complicated. Then again, it’s not entirely simple either.

The bottom line is this: You’d better have a solid handle on it, and you’d better be applying it regularly.

What Is Email Personalization?

Simply put, email personalization is talking to each of your customers as individuals. It’s using their name as you message them. It’s making them feel special. It’s showing them that you care about their specific interests and needs. It’s delivering to them exactly what they want when they want it.

Email personalization is using the data you’ve collected on a customer to tailor a message that’s specific to them.

Personalization is reaching the customer, not just their email inbox.

Browse Abandonment

And the beauty of it? It works. Like, seriously! Personalized emails are the ones that get opened. Personalized links are the ones that get clicked.

People are tired of being talked at. It’s a crowded world. All day, every day, people struggle to carve out their space. To be recognized. To be noticed.

If you show your customers that you notice them. That you appreciate them. And that you’re there to give them what they want, they’ll respond. Or most certainly, at least enough of them will to make a major impact on your business.


The thing is, your competition is either already personalizing, or they’re going to be soon enough. So you’re either going to win market share now, or you’d better at least get going to keep up.

That all sounds good, you might be saying, but how can I apply this to what I’m doing?

We’re glad you asked.

Where Zembula Comes In

So, what is email personalization? It’s what you’re going to be doing. Right? Right!

But there’s email personalization, and then there’s email personalization! You gotta stand out to not be left out.

Zembula brings cutting-edge personalization to the table, and it’s stupid-simple to utilize.

Don’t just use your customer’s name. They’ve seen that in plenty of places, likely including from your competition. Instead, hit ‘em with dynamic headers, body content and footers that update live as they open the email. They’re called Smart Banners™  and Smart Blocks™  and they’re proprietary to Zembula.

Zembula’s Decision Engine eliminates the need for segmentation. It allows you to layer endless data sources into the same image. And it’s priced for scale as a utility so that you can use it in all your emails.

All you have to do is drag and drop your data into place with Zembula’s editor. We’re serious when we say it’s unbelievably simple.

Blow your customers away! Give them something they’ve never seen. Show them that you really, truly know who they are, what they like, what they don’t like, how special they are to you, and how hard you’re willing to work for their business. In other words, personalize the hell out of your emails!

And then start watching the transactions. ‘Cause they’re coming.

Schedule a Zembula demo to learn how easy it is to customize big-time personalization to fit your brand.

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