How to use personalization to get rid of WISMO (where is my order) calls and emails

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For most of us, online shopping is a way of life. We buy what we want, and then sit and wait for our package to show up at our front door. 

The process is simple and straightforward; until it isn’t.

And that usually happens when you can’t figure out where your package is located. Have you ever thought, ‘hmm, where’s that package I ordered?’

If so, you usually only have a handful of options. You can keep sitting around and waiting for it to show up. You can try to hunt down the tracking information buried somewhere in your inbox. Or you can call the company and ask. 

While these options can range from ok to frustrating for you, having an influx of where is my order (WISMO) calls isn’t something a brand wants. 

How WISMO calls can jam the system

It shouldn’t come as a massive shock that brands today want to focus on delivering when it comes to customer service

After all, that’s one key way to build consumer loyalty and create a legion of happy fans for the long term. Happy customers buy. They tend to buy more often and spend more on each purchase, so keeping these customers happy is critical. 

What happens when you’ve got your support team spending precious time tracking down orders and not dealing with more pressing customer issues?

That can impact the experience. It can result in longer wait times and stretch your customer service department thin. It’s also frustrating. Order tracking can (and should) happen with little in the way of human involvement — if it’s done right.

If it’s not, and your customers can’t figure out where their stuff is, you’ll have an influx of package tracking calls taking over your customer service team.

There are better ways to operate. One is to start implementing personalization into your package tracking emails. Doing this can better serve your customers and reduce WISMO calls.

Increase personalization and decrease WISMO calls

If you want to decrease your where is my order calls, then you should look to personalization to help. 

The good news is you can personalize your tracking and shipping emails in a variety of ways, all designed to catch your customer’s attention.

Real-Time Tracking

One approach is with real-time package tracking. Sending your customer a package tracking email that’s specific to their order rather some generic, your package is on its way email is a good start. 

But you can go even further and let your customers know where their package is at all times with moment-of-open emails. The cool thing about these emails is the information updates every time your customer opens the tracking email. They don’t have to go hunting for various updates; it’s all right there when they need it.

Make it Order Specific

Something else you can do to personalize your order tracking emails is to use them to remind your customers what they bought. Consider using this email is another way to share a receipt; have nice images of the items purchased plus the total amount the customer spent. 

This sort of thing serves two important purposes. First, it reminds your customers of what they bought. Second, it’s a way to share if the items are all going out in one shipment or split into separate ones. That way, your customers know what they’ve ordered, how much they’ve spent, and where their items are.

Notification Bars

Another tool you can use is a notification bar. These sit at the top of any and every email you send out and provide personalized updates.

You can use these for everything from abandoned cart notices to upcoming sales, but one cool way to do it is with package tracking. This way, anytime your customer gets any email from you they are still going to see personalized package tracking updates.

Start thinking about personalization

You can never have too much personalization in emails today. So look at where you can add it to your current email campaigns. Your package tracking and order update emails are great places to start. 

Every little bit of personalization you add can help improve your customer’s experience and encourage them to buy more often.

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