Moment-of-Send vs. Moment-of-Open: What Real-Time Email Really Means

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We’ve all received some kind of personalized email by now. After all, it’s almost 2020! Personalization has been a driving force in email campaigns for over a decade. Most personalization is as simple as inserting a name in the subject line, but some brands go deeper to send you emails filled with product recommendations, images personalized with your geolocation data, and more, claiming that they are delivering real-time data. Quite a few companies truly believe that this is what they’re being sold by third-party personalization services! Unfortunately, this data is typically only accurate to the moment the email is sent.  True moment of open data personalization is incredibly rare and very very expensive. 

What do we mean by moment of open? Depending on, for instance, where you open an email, the data being pulled and personalization of the email may change. Say you open an email for the first time while you’re travelling. Instead of getting geolocation data for your hometown, true moment of open would recognize that you are somewhere else, and adjust accordingly. So instead of data for Chicago, it would give you data for New York, for example. Real time updates are pushed exactly when the recipient opens the email (not just the first time, every time!), so they’re always getting the very latest and best information tailored to them. With normal personalization, or moment of send data, data is only pulled before you send the email, resulting in a possible disconnect for the person reading. You also can’t update your emails once they’re sent!

Zembula offers real-time, moment-of-open personalized email images at a fraction of the cost. Because we’re truly pushing moment-of-open updates, you can change or update your images post-send and those updates will be pushed to your recipients whenever they open your email! Customers who receive personalized emails are “10x more likely to be a brand’s most valuable customer—expected to make more than 15 transactions in one year” according to ThinkRelay. You can quickly and easily make interacting with your brand more appealing and drive revenue at the same time. 

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