Make Your Emails Dynamic With Smart Banners™

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You want your emails to stand out, but you aren’t sure where to turn next. Everything you’ve tried either doesn’t work or barely improves your stats. So there has to be something out there that can make a difference, right?

Enter Smart Banners™. These can transform your standard generic email into something that’s personalized and dynamic — two very important factors for success today.

Making your emails more personal and dynamic can help you unlock better click-through and conversion rates. Plus, you’ll have readers who can’t wait to see what kind of content you will send them next.

Speed up your personalization strategy

One of the biggest drivers of the customer experience right now is personalization. And that’s not going anywhere anytime soon. So, every brand needs to be thinking about what they can do to create more personalized emails.

zembula dynamic decision engine smart banners

That’s hard to do at scale. And if you have a big list, then you’re spending a ton of time creating segments, running A/B tests, and trying to figure out what speaks to your readers. Landing on the right email with a design that converts may take months. 

With Smart Banners™, it’s easy to offer your customers 1:1 personalization at scale. Personalization happens at the moment of open, not send. Our AI-powered Campaign Decision Engine will choose the most relevant banner for each individual user, delivering it to them automatically. So, every email you send has the option to be personalized to the reader.

The power of dynamic content

Personalization is where having dynamic content and messaging in your emails can shine. When you have dynamic emails, you can update the information your email displays to allow for many levels of personalization. 

Kinetic or dynamic emails use animation and customer interactions to give them the personalized content customers crave while boosting engagement. Studies have shown that people respond more to content that’s interactive compared to static images. That can help drive your readers to take action, increasing your click-through and conversion rates.

Browse Abandonment

Since both Zembula’s Smart Banners™ and Smart Blocks™ let you add animation, it’s easy for you to add more dynamic messaging to your emails. Plus, since there are so many ways to use the banners and blocks, it helps increase your message visibility and variety. Your customers aren’t going to get bored seeing the same thing over and over again in your emails.

Bring your data to life

The magic behind Smart Banners™ is it pulls in your customer data; that’s how they get a more personalized experience. Then, all you need to do is connect your data sources, including your eCommerce manager, loyalty, and CRM tools. 

Add a snippet of code to pick the banner or block you want to use and then use the drag and drop templates to design an email you love. Since the APIs are already integrated for your data sources, you don’t have to spend valuable time trying to redesign or re-code emails. It’s ready to go. Zembula does the heavy lifting for you.

You can also use your emails to get more customer data, which in turn, can help you better personalize their emails and create a more individualized experience for them. When custom experience drives everything, that’s going to help you stand out.

Want to learn more?

There’s so much you can do with Smart Banners™, and this is barely scratching the surface. 

Get in touch with our team today, and we can answer your questions about creating personalized emails for your readers. You’ll learn how these banners can make a big difference for your customers and your bottom line.

Then, when you’re ready, request a demo and take Smart Banners™ for a spin. You’ll see how you can transform your emails by offering personalized animations with eye-catching visuals that drive action. 

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