How to Add the Perfect Mix of Personalization to Your Emails

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Do you want to increase your open and click-through rates? What about improving engagement and driving action? Who doesn’t want to see more conversions and a boost to the bottom line?

Easier said than done, though.

Well, not so fast. While the battle for consumer engagement goes on, there are tools you have to help stand out. So, you might as well use them. One is increasing the personalization of your emails. It’s what your customers want, so it’s time to deliver. 

Here’s how.

Looking at the numbers

study from McKinsey on personalization in retail found huge results for the brands that focus on it. Check out some of this data:

  • 80% of consumers want personalization in their interactions with brands.
  • Personalization at scale delivered a 1-2% lift for grocery retailers, and those numbers go higher for those outside that industry, while reducing marketing costs by 10-20%.
  • Focusing on personalization resulted in 20% higher customer satisfaction rates and a 15% sales conversion boost.
  • Interestingly enough, building a strategy around personalization found it helped boost employee engagement by 20-30%, no doubt having a positive trickle-down impact on customers.

This data paints a pretty strong picture of the importance of focusing on personalization — especially for retailers. When done right, the study states, “personalization allows retailers to do more than merely survive: it enables them to thrive.”

So, it’s even more important to continue to add personalized content and information to your emails. That’s going to be your best channel for reaching your customers, engaging with them, and helping to drive action.

How to add more personalization to your emails

Today, personalization strategies need to go beyond just a name. You must create emails that pull in multiple customer data points to give them a one-to-one individualized experience. There are a few key areas to start, and Smart Banners™ make really easy to add personalized messages into your emails.

personalized email

A Smart Banner™ sits at the top of any email you send and will display the content that best matches your customer’s needs. So, rather than sending out a bunch of generic messages or having to segment your list into a million different groups, Zembula’s Decision Engine adds a banner with personalized content to your emails in a fraction of a second. 

Here are a few key places to use Smart Banners™ to add more personalization to your emails.

Loyalty campaigns

Smart Banner Loyalty star banner

Your loyalty campaign is one of the places you can maximize the opportunities to add more personalization through email. Smart Banners™ can target your most loyal customers. Give them updates on their loyalty status, let them know when they can use their points to buy, or send them special offers as a thank you for being a member. 

Stock updates

stock update banner

Shipping has been in various stages of upheaval for the best part of two years now. So there are a lot of frustrated customers trying to figure out when items are back in stock. Smart Banners™ make it easy to share that information with them. 

Price updates

Browse Abandonment

Use these banners to let customers know about prices. You can create some FOMO by having Smart Banners™ with flash sale announcements, driving traffic to the store. Or, get really personalized and let a customer know when something they were interested in before has a new price. 

Pickup is ready

promotional email

Package tracking and updates are always something retailers, especially eCommerce brands, need to be on top of — otherwise, customers may inundate their support teams. With curbside pickup becoming more popular, use a Smart Banner™ to alert customers when their items are ready for them.

Abandoned cart


Abandoned cart rates are near 70% in most industries. However, sending an abandoned cart reminder email can convert 10-15% of customers. Those are good odds, right? So why not increase them with a Smart Banner™? Now, instead of hoping your customer clicks on one of your reminder emails, they’ll get a notice every time they open an email from you.

Want to give it a try?

We thought you’d never ask! Get in touch and schedule a demo today. We’ll walk you through how to start using Smart Banners™ to add more email personalization. 

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