5 Creative Ways to Personalize Emails

 In Digital Marketing, Email

Today’s consumers want authentic connections with brands.

It’s no longer good enough to offer up some products or services, send a mass email that says hey buy this stuff, and call it a day.

That doesn’t really work.

So why are so many brands still doing it?

Good question.

If you want to move out of that mass mailing group and focus on ways you can get creative with personalization, you’re in the right place.

Personalizing emails is one of many email marketing tips that is a way of moving the needle on connecting with your customers and building connections. But this has to go beyond the simple stuff like including your customer’s names.

Sometimes, you have to get creative.

And that’s what we’re going to highlight today, some creative ways to personalize emails. Try applying some of these tactics and see where your customers are really responding.

1. Geographic location

One of the primary connection points a person can have is around where they live. After all, we spend most of our time exploring, shopping, exercising, and dining in and around just a handful of neighborhoods.

So why hyper localization is all the rage right now, embrace it.

Here’s an example of localization in use.

For customers who are in the local area, this sort of email speaks directly to them. They are getting a special deal for living in this area.

Don’t be afraid to find ways to tap into the local area of the people you are marketing to and highlight ways to buy.

2. Related products

You can also segment your list and personalize based on the products people are buying.

Amazon is one brand that does an excellent job with this. They track all of the products their customers buy. But it doesn’t end there, because they will also track complementary or similar products related to the original product and send an email out about those.

So, if a customer has bought a hand mixer for the kitchen, it’s not unreasonable to think they could also be interested in related products. That’s why they’ll send out more emails featuring products like mixing bowls or cupcake trays.

Highlighting new or related products is just one way to personalize and trigger more purchases.

3. Customer rewards

Looking at customer behavior is another way to segment and personalize your list. A good way to do that is through customer rewards.

Brands like Starbucks and Sephora do a lot with emails highlighting how customers can spend their rewards.

An email like the one above can be triggered to be sent when a customer has hit a specific miles threshold. For example, when they have enough miles for a free one-way ticket, they get a notification.

That’s an easy way to build up positive feelings into your brand that rewards specific types of customer loyalty.

4. Birthdays and anniversaries

Let’s face it, who doesn’t like getting something special on their birthday?

Sending out a birthday email that gives a customer a coupon or free dessert is a great way to embrace personalization. Another way to do it is to highlight the anniversary of when they first subscribed to your mailing list.

Birthday emails might be more expected; after all, everyone has that date fixed in their minds. But an anniversary email is a fun approach to surprise and delight your readers in a totally unexpected way.

5. Videos in email

Adding videos to your emails is a big trend right now, and for a good reason, they work. Consumers tend to pay more attention to videos, and emails that feature them see more opens and clicks versus those that don’t.

So that’s a good reason to have videos in your emails right from the jump. But, how about creating personalized videos that you can send to a segment of your readers?

These can cover specific product launches, birthdays, or local sales; the options are endless. And, it’s another creative way to get more eyeballs on your emails.

What can you do to get creative with personalized emails?

These are just a few ways to start.

As you get more comfortable with segmenting your list, it becomes easy to see where you can start adding more personalized experiences to your emails.

Now, couple that with fresh interactive content, great copy, and a killer video. Add these features, and suddenly you’re going to see some real results when it comes to improving metrics like open, click, and conversion rates.