What is interactive content?

Interactive content requires a viewer to actively engage and participate with content to access the full experience, usually by tapping, swiping, or otherwise physically interacting with the piece of content.

Why use interactive content?

Content marketing is the new normal, but there is so much of it. You need to stand out. Interactive content cuts through all the noise and gives your audience something refreshing and unexpected. Instead of just advertising at your potential customers, you need to open up a personalized conversation that is two sided – interactive content does just that.

Interactive content helps marketers of all industries better connect with their audience and increase their core marketing KPIs.

Types of interactive content



Reveal experiences require recipients of a message to take action to uncover a hidden message. They leverage innate psychological tendencies like FOMO.



Interactive infographics take the popular visual format and give viewers the ability to discover new facts through clicks or animations.



Interactive polls allow your audience to weigh-in on a subject matter and have their voice be heard and represented.



Interactive video allows the viewer to control how a story is presented, turning a normally passive experience into an engaging one.



Interactive microsites are standalone, short-term websites that can captivate and engage viewers as part of a marketing campaign.



Brackets are a fun and exciting way to create multiple matchups and have your audience choose winners over multiple rounds of voting.



Interactive quizzes are a great way to captivate and entertain an audience, engage and convert customers, and drive greater brand awareness.



Interactive maps are a great way to show interesting data with geography, allow users to add/remove places of interest, display navigation, and much more.


Idea generators

Interactive idea generators take a small input from a user and create a valuable product, idea, or inspiration for you to use or share.


Interactive audio

Interactive audio, while not used frequently, can be very creative in letting users create, match, and remix audio content to create something very unique and personalized.



Interactive timelines are a great way to disseminate large amounts of information chronologically in a format that people will actually want to click through.



Interactive calculators allow prospects to get quantitative output that measures how your product or service can solve their problems.

Where can I use interactive content?


Create more engagement by spicing up boring email campaigns. Watch your click rate soar!


On your website

Engage your visitors immediately with a fun, interactive experience. Your visitors will stick around longer if you give them something enjoyable to do.

In app

Aspire to high download rates by providing the viewer with entertainment. Interactivity is perfect for a touch enabled mobile experience.

Social Profile


Stand out in a cluttered feed and capture the viewer’s attention. Interactive content’s inherent sharability makes it a perfect fit for social platforms.

Get started with interactive content!

Download the Interactive Content Marketing Quick Start Guide and get inspired with plenty of ready-to-use ideas.