How Smart Banners™ Use Customer Data to Boost Personalization

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We all know personalization at scale is incredibly difficult. When customers want emails that are timely and relevant, simply segmenting and hoping for the best isn’t enough.

Even if that approach still engages some customers, you lose many more by sending out the same old generic messaging. So how can you get out of this mess and do better? 

One path is through tapping into customer data. With that, you have a treasure trove of information about your customer’s past purchases, location, and interests that can help you create relevant messages. 

But, how do you deliver them at scale? Smart Banners™.

The key to customer data

Today, we have more data than ever at our fingertips. That presents a huge opportunity to take that information and use it to create better, more personalized communication that improves your customer’s experience. 

You don’t need reams of data to start crafting personalized customer experiences. Their name is a start, but you can do better. 

Once you have more data, such as browsing, location, eCommerce, and loyalty information, it’s easier to take personalization even further. 

coverting email to Smart Banners™

Rather than sending out just promotional emails, Smart Banners™ allow you to take that message and add it to any email. For example, you can include personalization in triggered and transactional emails and weekly or monthly newsletters. That means virtually every message your customers get can feature some form of personalized content or messaging. 

For customers who crave this level of interaction and individualization from brands, this approach really helps you stand out.

The best way to personalize at scale

If you want to start adding more personalization to your emails, utilizing Smart Banners™ is a great way to do it.

Smart Banners™ take personalization beyond a first name. Instead, they can transform every email you send into a personalized message directed at each individual customer. 

And the best part? Running campaigns with Smart Banners™ actually saves you time. 

zembula dynamic decision engine smart banners

All you have to do is connect your data sources and add a snippet of code. Next, pick your templates and set up your display rules. Then, as your campaigns are sent, Zembula’s AI-powered Campaign Decision Engine automatically sends the most relevant content to every user based on the parameters you select and performance. 

If you need to change your campaign or want to make a switch, you can do it on the fly—no updating new code or editing your templates. In addition, Smart Banners™ update at the moment of open, not send, so you don’t have to worry about broken images or need to pause your messages to make tweaks.

Smart Banners™ in action

Want to see a few examples of Smart Banners™ in action? 

Take a look at how your customer data can bring your emails to life, delivering relevant personalized messaging to your customers at exactly the right moment.


Let your customers know when they’ve left something in their cart, encouraging them to come back and buy. And, for extra motivation, include a discount or a countdown timer.

browse abandonment smart banner ecommerce

Tap into browsing data. Then, when a product your customer had their eye on goes on sale or starts running low on inventory, let them know via a Smart Banner™.

Package tracking is something every customer wants on their radar. So give them shipping updates every time they open one of your emails instead of making them search for it.

Order Replenishment Banner

Use your eCommerce tools to follow customer purchases and set up reminders to go out when they may need a refill or a re-order. It doesn’t get any easier for a customer to click to buy than that.


Loyalty data is another great source of personalization potential. Let your program members know when they can cash in their points, are close to an upgrade, or are eligible for special deals or events.

The bottom line

Your customer data is the key to unlocking higher levels of personalization, which in turn, can help them get a much better experience from your brand. 

Smart Banners™ makes it easy to get started. To learn more, get your copy of the Email Marketer’s Guide to Smart Banners™ today.

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