3 Email Personalization Strategies To Increase Revenue

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“Personalization” is the buzzword du jour. But let’s get real: Can it actually boost your bottom line?

Well, there’s good news and bad news.

The bad news is that if you do email personalization the same way that everyone else does it, you’re likely to suffer the same results as everyone else. Which is to say that you’ll be lost in the shuffle. Almost everyone is doing some form of email personalization. So doing the same isn’t going to make you stand out, and it’s not going to actually increase your revenue.

But the good news is that most businesses are failing to actually personalize effectively, or what we call “performative personalization.” The reason that’s good news is that it leaves a tremendous opportunity for you to set yourself apart.

Let’s explore three email personalization strategies to increase revenue. There are many more than just three, but these are a few tried-and-true methods of seeing actual results.

Captivate, Don’t Just Capture Attention

Holding your users’ gaze is essential. But what if you could escalate that to a full-blown captivation?

Introducing animation infused with personalization. It’s a specialty of Zembula’s.

This isn’t just eye candy. It’s a narrative device. It melds motion with personal affinity.

Imagine loyalty point graphs that come to life to underline their worth. Or abandoned cart reminders that give a gentle, animated prod. Or even product recommendations with rotating images. With Zembula’s tools, your ideas morph into dynamic stories.

By animating and personalizing simultaneously, you stand out rather than drowning your customers in a flood of uninspired emails.

When you turn your emails into experiences rather than just communications, trust us, the revenue will follow suit.

Elevate Your Triggered Messages

Go beyond the basics of email personalization and discover the goldmine that is triggered messaging.

If you’ve been keeping up with our Z-Talk series, you know that triggered messages — like those invaluable abandoned cart reminders — constitute a mere 8% of annual email volume. But they punch way above their weight.

Zembula elevates that 8% to center stage, ensuring your triggered messages grab eyeballs and help to drive revenue. Our clients have witnessed a revenue uptick of 10-17%.

If you’re already sending triggered messages, a small adjustment is all it’s going to take to see transformational results.

Use Zembula’s Smart Banners™ and Smart Blocks™ To Hyper Focus Your Messages

Most companies blast the same generic email to their entire list and hope for the best. Maybe they’ll call the customer by their first name and consider that message as “personalized.”

But you’re not most companies. You understand there’s potential to do so much more.

What you might not understand is it’s actually incredibly simple.

Your customer data is your treasure trove. Picture harnessing the power of purchase histories, behavioral analytics, cart abandonment intel, and geographical insights.

Now add in Zembula’s wizardry. A straightforward integration of your data streams, coupled with a snippet of code added to your email templates, allows Zembula’s Campaign Decision Engine to choose the perfect Smart Banner™ or Smart Block™, tailored for each individual customer.

That means that each email recipient is no longer a faceless name on a list. They’re a unique person who’s greeted by their name and treated to content that tickles their individual fancies.

Whether it’s loyalty rewards, targeted promotions, shipping updates, or post-purchase communication, each email to each customer can be a curated experience that people not only respond to but look forward to receiving.

Performative Personalization Is Your Path To Increased Revenue

To unlock a customer’s wallet, you first need to win their trust and interest. And just like in “real life” relationships, you do that by being genuine. You do it by showing that person that you know what they are interested in and are willing to help them find the things that they want or need.

When you do that, results follow. It’s almost impossible to not see results when you genuinely connect with your customers.

Again, we call this special mix of personalization that actually increases revenue “performative personalization.”

And the biggest takeaway for you should be that achieving this kind of performative personalization is actually very easy. We’d love to help you.

Want the bottom line about your bottom line? It’s this: Between your data and Zembula’s innovative solutions, email personalization can absolutely revolutionize your business.

Let us know when you’re ready to start.

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