How to Use Smart Blocks™ for Product Recommendations

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We all know the power of personalization in email. It helps drive action and engagement. So don’t forget to add personalized product recommendations into the mix.

Studies show about half of consumers have purchased an item they didn’t intend to buy because a brand recommended it. And another 45% are more likely to shop with companies that offer personalized recommendations to customers.

And results are even better when consumers see user-generated ratings and product reviews. People trust these reviews and the stores that personalize product recommendations. 

So are you doing it? Here’s how.

What are Smart Blocks™?

Smart Blocks™ help you add dynamic messaging to your emails, transforming generic, boring messages into something individualized for every subscriber. 

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With Smart Blocks™, you can add zero-party customer data throughout your emails — from birthday wishes to loyalty updates and personalized product recommendations.

And it’s super easy with the Zembula platform. All you need to do is pick (or create) your email design, hook up your data sources, set your display rules, and add a snippet of code to your templates.

From there, our AI-powered Campaign Decision Engine does the rest. It runs through customer data and your rules, determining the Smart Blocks™ that most appeal to each customer. Now you don’t have to segment your lists or add manual tweaks; it’s all done for you.

Make your emails even more personalized

The real secret to successful email personalization is going beyond the basics. Your readers expect more, and when you deliver it to them, you’ll get rewarded with more clicks and conversions. 

That’s where performative personalization comes into play. You can move past the generic and into hyper-personalization using data-driven customer insights that drive revenue-generating actions. Doing so enables you to speak to each of your subscribers individually, building trust and showing them the personalized messaging that drives results. 

Product recommendations are a great place to start. And here are a few different ways to start including them in your emails with Smart Blocks™.

We love the name everywhere approach to email personalization. Instead of having a customer’s name just once in the email, add my value by drawing their attention everywhere that matters — including recommended products.

Pair product recommendations with flash sales and other promotional messaging. Use their data to display items you know they’ll love and highlight how they’re included in the sale. That helps drive more engagement.

Want to really wow your readers? Why not use personalized image animation to do it? Rather than relying on a static image, animation allows you to highlight and showcase recommended products from various angles, giving shoppers a better view.

And don’t forget the power of user-generated ratings and reviews on consumers. With Smart Blocks™, it’s easy to add star ratings or quick snippets of positive product reviews to let shoppers know how much people like them love and use the product. 

With Smart Blocks™ in the mix, you can do so much more with your emails, turning everything you send into a tailored message for each person on your list. It’s a powerful way to build a lifelong connection with your readers.

Drive more purchases with Smart Blocks™ for product recommendations

Now that you see just how powerful personalized product recommendations are, you can start including them in your emails.

We’d love to show you how to automatically add these to your emails. The Zembula platform makes it easy to automate personalized product recommendations with Smart Blocks™ — helping you get more conversions in revenue. 

If you’re interested in learning more, get in touch. One of our email marketing experts will learn more about your company and show you how to start incorporating Smart Blocks™ into your messaging. 

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