How To Use Personalization in Email Marketing To Drive Revenue

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Making friends is nice. We all want our customers to like us and for them to know that we like them.

But let’s be real. If a business can’t sell products or services, well, it’s no longer a business.

So, while it’s great to personalize for the sake of bonding with your customers, the real power behind personalization is using it to drive revenue.

The beauty of effective email personalization is you can have it both ways. You can better bond with your customers and, in doing so, inspire them to make purchases.

It’s what we like to call performative personalization. In other words, it’s personalizing your content so well that people can’t help but want to buy from you.

So, how do you do it?

Glad you asked. Let’s get into how to use personalization in email marketing to drive revenue.

Win Attention (and Business!) Through Personalized Animation

You know what almost everyone is doing?

Calling their customer by their first name.

Big deal. Just the simple act of addressing your customer by name isn’t going to make you stand out. Especially if you back it up with a bunch of content, the customer doesn’t even care about.

You know what will make you stand out?

Making your messages move. Bringing them to life. And then use name personalization to attach your customer’s name to that attention-grabbing content. And making sure that every part of that content is relevant to the individual customer you just called out by name.

That is performative personalization. And Zembula makes bringing that kind of power to your marketing toolkit quite simple.

Leveraging Zembula’s content builder, you merely connect any data source and effortlessly insert your content into your email template. Zembula’s technology allows you to make those messages move, creating an unforgettable 1:1 animated experience for your customer. And our Campaign Decision Engine can be set to automatically display the right message to each individual.

Zembula is the first platform that lets you animate your data. When you combine that attention-grabbing trick with deeply personalized content, you’ve reached the email personalization mountaintop. From there, you’ll be looking down at the competition.

Do More With Your Loyalty Campaigns

It’s great to offer discounts, rewards points, and special incentives for your regular customers. But if you’re offering the same incentives to everyone on your list, are you really personalizing?

A better approach is to leverage all of the data you’re already collecting from things like browsing history, purchase history, and location to tailor your loyalty campaigns and match the specific interests of each customer.

If I sell both soap and shampoo, and I’ve got a great customer, John, who’s bald, how well am I doing at reaching him if I offer him a discount on shampoo as a reward for all his business? If I looked at his purchase history, I’d probably see that he buys a lot of soap but never buys shampoo. If John endlessly gets shampoo promotions, he might just go somewhere else.

Our tools make it easy for you to use your data to build unique offers for each of your loyal customers. So instead of rewarding someone with something they don’t care about, you can send a personalized email that includes an offer they’ll be excited to receive.

Supercharge Your Email Personalization With Ratings and Reviews

While, as marketers, we love to think that our customers are waiting with bated breath to hear everything we have to say about a product or service, most people care much more about what their fellow customers think.

Ratings and reviews can be an incredible email personalization tool. Once again, the key is in your data. If you can use browsing and shopping behavior to give you an idea of what a customer is interested in, you can then send them a customer rating or review about that very product.

When people see that other people love the thing they themselves are considering buying, it’s not rocket science to understand that they are much more likely to get off the fence and make the purchase.

Do More With Less

The secret ingredient to driving more revenue through email personalization is the data you’re already collecting. And if it sounds like combing through all that data would be impossible, it’s not. In fact, Zembula automates the process so that you can display the right message to each customer automatically.

When you can show your customers that you know what they like and you can deliver them content that speaks to each of their individual needs and interests, you’re going to see more transactions.

We’re ready when you are. Let’s talk!

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