How to Use Email to Enhance Customer Experience

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Today, customer experience is vital for your brand. When consumers have so many choices in front of them, how they interact with and experience your brand is more important than ever. 

Over 67% of marketers say their companies compete with other brands based on customer experience (CX) in a recent study. The same study also predicted that the number is only going to increase over time.

It makes sense — customer experience matters. The more you focus on it, the more customers will reward you. While customer experience should be built into every touch across multiple channels, you can stand out by incorporating it into your email marketing.

Here’s how to do it.

Embrace the opportunity

Customer experience is often focused on your brand’s website, covering everything from viewing your home page to the products they see to the check-out process. Websites are essential, there’s no doubt, but you need to expand your views of customer experience to everything your customer sees — including email.

With email, you have a unique opportunity to dig even deeper into the customer experience in a way that you can’t always do with websites. This is where you can really begin to stand out from your competition. 

And, it helps that email remails the preferred method of communication for online shoppers. According to eMarketer, nearly 63% of survey respondents want retailers to reach them via email. The table is set; consumers want to hear from you via email, now you can start differentiating yourself. 

Go all in on personalization

One of the biggest advantages email has over other marketing channels is it allows for all sorts of personalization. From personalized animations and images to announcements and loyalty updates, you can turn every single email you send to your customers into something that gives them personalized updated information. 

Go from a simple sale announcement email into something personalized to your customer. Here’s one example:

They can see personalized product recommendations based on their shopping history. Add in ratings and reviews, and you’ve got some social proof. The Smart Banner at the top of the emails is yet another place to add more personalization, letting your customer know they’ve got items in their cart. 

When a customer sees an email like this, it feels like it’s made just for them. It’s hard to beat that type of 1 to 1 personalized content. And with Zembula’s Smart Blocks and Smart Banners, you can create multiple customized content blocks in every email. 

Get your readers to take action 

Every day, we get dozens of emails in our inboxes. The vast majority are ignored or get archived. But you know this already. You’re doing the same thing in your inbox too. There are probably only a handful of emails from a few select brands that you open consistently. 

Why? Because they’re interesting and engaging. And, more often than not, they drive you to keep buying from them. That’s exactly what you want to do for your customers. 

A great way to do that is by making your emails kinetic. When your customer feels like they can interact with your brand right from their inbox, it’s just another way to boost their experience while also helping them to drive action. Plus, there’s another bonus — more data for you.

Imagine sending the above email as part of a welcome campaign. The live polling feature serves two primary services. First, it drives your reader to start engaging with your emails from the very beginning. And second, when they click and take action on the email, it provides you with more data. 

Having that data means you can start creating more personalized content right from the start. You don’t need to wait.

Want to learn more?

That’s exactly what we were hoping you’d say! We’d love to chat with you about how you can start improving your customer experience through email. 

Get in touch here, and we’ll show you a few ways your brand can start using Zembula to better connect with your customers.

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