Why Kinetic Emails Are More Important Than Ever

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How many emails do you ignore on a daily basis? Probably at least a dozen, and likely more. Our inboxes are so inundated with emails we let them pile up until it’s time to do a mass delete. Unfortunately, the vast majority get ignored.

Trying to stand out from the pack becomes even more difficult when you know getting noticed in an inbox is its own version of an extreme sport. And, that’s in the best of times. But then, what happens when brands and email service providers make significant changes and updates? Suddenly what was working doesn’t anymore. 

The recent Apple iOS 15 update is a perfect example. With Apple masking many real-time features, all of your best-laid plans and strategies can get thrown out the window. You might feel discouraged by those changes. In reality, it’s a new opportunity to stand out and deliver for your customers.

To succeed, you need to have an answer to all of those challenges. Kinetic emails are a way to do it. 

What are kinetic emails?

In the most basic sense, kinetic emails animation and interactivity provide information and improve your customer experience. Use image reveals, sliders, games, surveys, interactive abandoned carts, and carousels (among other options) in your emails to boost engagement and drive action.

Customers respond to kinetic emails too. Research shows that people find interactive content more engaging than static images or videos, increasing your click and conversion rates. 

When you add in a level of personalization, you can improve those numbers even more. When every brand is struggling to capture eyes and attention, anything you can do to improve your chances can make all the difference. 

Make your emails stand out

When done well, kinetic emails can almost turn your customer’s inbox into a version of your website. As a result, your customers can interact within your email design, including using search features, buttons, and polls, right from their inbox. 

Not to mention, kinetic emails are appealing too. Humans respond to visual imagery; that’s why marketers started adding photos and videos to email in the first place. What makes image personalization so cool is you can do even more with your images, making them eye-popping right from the second an email opens. 

With interactive imagery, animations, and gifs, you’ll always have an email that stands out from the competition. Here are a few ways you can benefit from creating kinetic emails for your customers.

Additional personalization

Personalization is the name of the game today. If you don’t have it in your emails, you are already fighting an uphill battle. Customers want, and frankly, expect, to get personalized information and content in their emails now. 

Zembula smart block with various data sources

So, if you want to turn your readers into customers and offer them a superior customer experience, you have no choice but to deliver. Kinetic emails help you do that. 

With image personalization, you can have kinetic emails that offer the content your customer wants in a way that’s really easy for them to interact with and get the information they want and need.

Tap into data sources

Today, you’ve got tons of data right at your fingertips. You might as well use it to help improve your customer’s emails, right? Pull data from your CRM, customer profiles, eCommerce and loyalty tools, and email service providers and use it to create better emails. 

kinetic personalization

With Zembula, you can pull information from various data sources and use them to enhance your emails. For example, our Smart Blocks and Banners help you create emails that pull in personal data and update dynamically when that data changes. All of that happens right from their inbox.

As a whole, it presents a much more engaging and interactive email. Not to mention, it has the big benefit of delivering 1 to 1 personalized content to your reader. 

Want to learn more?

You might feel a little bit anxious about these new changes from Apple iOS 15 and what that could mean for how your brand is approaching email. 

We’re here to help. Our platform was made for this moment, and we’re rolling out new features with both personalization and privacy in mind. 

Get in touch today, and we can show you how Zembula can make a difference for your email marketing.

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